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Founded in 1998, 4Medica iEHR Software Inc. is a cloud-based medical solution for physician groups, laboratories, and healthcare delivery organizations. It offers practice management (PM), electronic health record (EHR), and revenue cycle management solutions. The software caters to hospitals, care delivery organizations, ambulatory services, private practices, and laboratories. Apart from this, it can be implemented in both ambulatory settings and inpatients. With 4Medica iEHR software, physicians can easily access patient health records, test results, and medication information. On top of this, the solution offers clinical exchange which helps providers transfer inpatient and outpatient imaging data from different locations and information from pathology labs.  

The solution comes with advanced practice management features, which include single-screen access to patient data, prescription history, and diagnostic results. To get a complete overview of the solution, you can request a 4Medica iEHR Software Demo. It allows healthcare professionals to share information within the organization and across other practices as well.  

In addition to this, it features a HIPAA-compliant e-prescribing feature that allows medical professionals to exchange patient history information and prescription requirements. Users also have the option to share diagnostic information and diagnostic images with other physicians through secure messaging. 4Medica iEHR software offers tutorials that walk the user through the entire process of solution implementation.   

Clinicians can easily provide information to patients regarding clinical workflow through the software. It allows medical practices to select individual apps for radiology, lab integration, and EHR connectivity. According to 4Medica iEHR Software Reviews, pathology clinicians can use the drag-and-drop feature to identify biopsy locations on organ images and transfer photos to the pathology lab so physicians can access a specific location.  

4Medica iEHR software offers multiple medical billing solutions to handle medical billing components, such as account management, payment processing, rejection management, eligibility check, audit, claim processing, and electronic charge. In addition to this, a rigorous patient collection process, follow-up procedures, patient scheduling further simplifies patient management.  

4Medica iEHR Software Pricing: The pricing plan for the software is not provided by the company. However, you can request a quote by clicking on the ‘get pricing’ option.  

4Medica iEHR Software Support: 4Medica iEHR software offers constant customer support via phone and email.  

4Medica iEHR Software Pros: Let’s take a look at the benefits of 4Medica iEHR software:  

  1. The software is extremely user-friendly.
  2. It gives you the option to easily switch between physician and patient views.
  3. Provides a cost-effective solution for the large-scale organizations.
  4. Offers a wide range of health information.

4Medica iEHR Software Cons: Apart from the benefits, 4Medica iEHR software comes with its fair share of baggage:  

  1. It is not suitable for small-scale practices.
  2. Unfortunately, the customer support is not up to mark.

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