A.I.Med EHR Software

What Is AI Med Software?


AI Med EHR by Acrendo software is an EMR and practice management solution specifically crafted for private medical practices. It is available in both cloud-based and on-site server options. The software is dedicated to minimizing costs and enhancing efficiency for small and medium-sized practices through its flexible features. Key functionalities of the AI Med software include e-verification, ID card scanning, electronic billing, alerts and reminders, as well as customizable reporting.

AI Med Software Pricing

The pricing of the software is customizable and can be tailored according to an organization's needs. Request a personalized quote by contacting our sales team.

AI Med Software Integrations

AI Med EHR software interfaces seamlessly with labs, hospitals, pharmacies, vaccine reports, Welch Allyn vital signs devices, and Health Information Exchanges (HIE). The vendor has not disclosed its third-party integrations.

Who Is AI Med Software For?

The software caters to small to mid-sized healthcare organizations. It can be used in these settings:

  • Internal Medicine
  • Family Practice
  • Pediatrics
  • Podiatry
  • Vascular
  • Psychiatry
  • Cardiology

AI Med Software Features

The following advanced features are offered by the software:

  • Customizable Templates

AI Med EHR software offers customizable templates that allow healthcare providers to tailor documentation to their specific needs. This flexibility enables the creation of templates for various specialties and individual preferences. Customizable templates contribute to a more streamlined and personalized patient record-keeping process, ensuring that healthcare professionals can efficiently capture and manage relevant information.

  • Electronic Billing

The software streamlines the billing process through electronic billing capabilities. It enables healthcare providers to generate and submit electronic bills efficiently, reducing manual errors and accelerating the reimbursement cycle. With features such as automated coding and claims submission, AI Med EHR facilitates a more accurate and timely billing process, ultimately improving the financial management of the practice.

  • Appointment Scheduling

AI Med EHR software includes robust appointment scheduling features to optimize the management of patient appointments. The system allows healthcare providers to schedule, reschedule, and manage appointments seamlessly. This feature enhances the overall organization of the practice by reducing scheduling conflicts and improving communication with patients.

  • Custom Reporting

This feature allows for in-depth analysis of patient data, practice performance, and other relevant metrics. Custom reporting enhances decision-making by providing actionable insights into the practice's operations. Healthcare professionals can track trends, monitor key performance indicators, and make data-driven decisions to improve patient care and operational efficiency.

  • Digital Signature Pads

Healthcare providers can capture patient signatures electronically for consent forms, treatment plans, and other documents. This feature not only reduces the reliance on paper but also helps to assist medical practices in enhancing the security and accessibility of signed documents.

Schedule a free AI Med software demo to get an insight into the tool's capabilities.

Is AI Med Software Right For You?

Are you looking for a software solution to manage both the administrative and financial functions of your organization? In that case, AI Med software could be the most suitable option for you.

AI Med is an ONC-HIT-certified and Meaningful Use 2 as well as HIPAA-compliant, ensuring data safety and privacy. Moreover, cloud-based EMR software is compatible with various devices, including tablets, iPads, phones, and other Android or iOS-based devices.

Still having second thoughts about the software? We recommend going through AI Med software reviews. Contact us at (315) 215-3447, and our support team will aid you in making an informed choice. 



  • Efficient scheduling and appointment reminders 
  • Not too budget-friendly for smaller practices  
  • An intuitive user interface  
  • Customization complexity for some features 
  • Robust reporting to keep track of practice performance 

A.I.Med EHR Software Features


Appointment Management/Scheduling




Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Customizable Forms/Reports


Document Management


Lab Integration


Online Payments


Immunization And Allergy Tracking


Mobile App




Order Management


Reporting And Analytics


Billing And Invoicing


Insurance Eligibility Verification


Claims Management


Inventory Management


Referral Management




Patient Demographics

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does AI Med software cost?

The cost of AI Med software varies based on the size, type and requirements of a practice. Request custom pricing options today.

Is AI Med software cloud-based?

Yes, AI Med by Acrendo software is cloud-based.

What hardware supports AI Med EMR and practice management software?

AI Med software is enhanced with Acrendo hardware, including dictation speech mikes, Ultra-Book convertible Tablets, touch-screen desktop PCs, digital signature pads, and biometric fingerprint readers for hands-free notetaking.

What is the general consensus of users about AI Med software?

The AI Med EMR software rating shows that the customer support, functionality, pros, and user-friendliness are comparable to the best platforms in the market. The customer support functionality rating of the secure solution is a reflection of that.

What level of support does AI Med software offer?

AI Med EMR software provides a range of services to support medical practices, encompassing technical support and on-site training. Users can also schedule a free demo.

A.I.Med EHR Software reviews

There are no reviews for this product.