Abacus Pharmacy Plus Software

Abacus Pharmacy Plus is a global pharmacy-management software featuring intuitive pharmaceutical solutions. It is the easiest solution to use by retail, specialty, compounding, hospital, and mail-order pharmacies. Abacus Pharmacy Plus software is engineered to save money and works for pharmacies of all sizes.

This flawless system processes millions of prescriptions monthly, assuring quality care delivery. Abacus Pharmacy plus software generates integrated prescription environments in care facilities. It is equipped with all essential tools to deal with modern-day prescribing issues. Above all, this quality platform allows clients to manage orders, verify pharmacists, and scan prescriptions.  

Key Features

Inventory Control 

Abacus Pharmacy Plus improves profitability by equipping clients with dynamic inventory control. It takes measures to control the shortage of stock through real-time inventory scanning. The scanned items are directly entered into the pharmacies database.

Special audit logging is also available, dramatically improving the pharmacy businesses' bottom line. Besides that, Abacus keeps an inventory log by tracking expiry dates and conducting inventory reconciliation.

IV Modules

This software maintains a creative database of the IV modules for home infusion centers. It features a non-TPT order and TPT order screen for keeping tabs on IVs. It also provides a starter list of standard orders that can be improved using spreadsheets.

Users can craft compounding templates, create batch sheets, and set customized price schedules using the IV module by Abacus Pharmacy Software. Additionally, they can document compound formulas, sort chemical conflicts, and keep track of patient medical history.

Robotic Dispensing System

RDS is a quality solution to automate the services of pharmacies. The robotic equipment increases competitiveness with the latest pharmacy drivers. In addition, automating the dispensing process reduces operational costs for modern pharmacies. This software also provides quality robotic processes: PharmAssist, AutoMed, ScriptPro, BakerCell APS, KL60, and Pharmacy 2000.

Abacus Pharmacy Plus Pricing 

The price range of Abacus Pharmacy software is the best thing about it. This exceptional care platform starts from as low as $145 per user per month. You can click the “Get Pricing” button above to source customized pricing plans, tailored according to your clinical requirements.

Abacus Pharmacy Plus Demo 

Abacus Pharmacy software takes pride in its information demonstration tutorial. Click the “Watch Demo” button above to access the cost-free demo. The vendor gladly offers consultation services so clients can see how it runs businesses toward success.  

Abacus Pharmacy Plus Reviews 

This leading pharmacy management solution has impeccable customer feedback. According to the clients, Abacus Pharmacy Plus is a user-friendly software. It tracks patient prescriptions, keeping practitioners notified of their medicinal intakes. According to the reviews, tracking high volume of medicinal data is a piece of cake for Abacus pharmacy.  

Our Thoughts 

Abacus Pharmacy Plus is an innovative pharmacy solution known for keenly understanding the challenges faced by pharmacists. It verifies prescriptions, manages inventory, handles account receivables to streamline overall workflow.  It also holds an outstanding medication database and effortlessly integrates with all eligible healthcare platforms.

Abacus Pharmacy Plus Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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