AccuPoint EMR Software

What Is AccuPoint? 


AccuPoint is a cloud-based electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management solution designed specifically for ABA therapy practices. With AccuPoint, ABA therapy practices can streamline their workflows and automate many daily tasks, including patient scheduling, medical billing, and telehealth. The software's user-friendly interface and customizable features make it easy for physicians to manage their practice, while also providing value-based patient care.  

AccuPoint's cloud-based technology ensures secure data storage and accessibility from anywhere, at any time, making it an ideal solution for busy ABA therapy practices looking to improve their efficiency and focus more on patient care. 

What Is AccuPoint Best For? 

AccuPoint EMR software is a user-friendly electronic medical record (EMR) solution that is widely recognized for its ease of use. The software has been thoughtfully designed with simplicity in mind and has a shallow learning curve, making it easy for healthcare professionals to quickly learn how to use the platform to manage patient information efficiently.  

AccuPoint Pricing 

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AccuPoint Integrations 

AccuPoint's compliance and scheduling module seamlessly integrates with the billing module. This enables users to ensure that every bill they issue conforms to the relevant regulations. Some of the third-party integrations of AccuPoint include: 

  • Catalyst  
  • Epic EDI 

How Does AccuPoint Work? 

To get started with AccuPoint EMR software, follow these steps: 

  • Log in using your credentials. 
  • Navigate to the dashboard. 
  • Click "Settings" to set up your clinic information. 
  • Add new patients by clicking "Patients" and entering their basic demographic and medical history information. 
  • Schedule appointments by selecting the date and time, patient's name, and reason for the visit in the "Appointments" section. 
  • Document patient encounters, including symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment plan. 
  • Order lab tests for patients by clicking on "Lab Orders." 
  • Use the "E-Prescribing" tab to prescribe medications and dosages while the software checks for potential drug interactions.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, AccuPoint EMR software provides customer support to help you get started. Do you still think these steps can be complicated? No problem; click the Watch Demo button for further assistance. 

Who Is AccuPoint For? 

AccuPoint software is widely used by therapists, counselors, and psychologists. The tool has been designed for the following specialties: 

  • Mental and Behavioral Health 
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) 
  • PT, OT, and Speech Therapy 
  • Substance Drug Use 

 AccuPoint Features 

  • Telehealth 
    AccuPoint's telehealth feature allows healthcare providers to conduct virtual appointments with patients, providing mental health services, medication management, and other behavioral healthcare services. Physicians can also access patient records online to alert users in case of an emergency.
  • E-Prescribing 
    AccuPoint's E-prescribing feature enables providers to prescribe medications electronically, saving time and reducing errors associated with manual prescriptions. Providers can access the patient's medication history and see if they have any allergies or other conditions that might interact with the prescribed medication.
  • Parent Portal 
    The parent portal feature in AccuPoint allows parents or guardians to access their child's health information, including appointment schedules, medication lists, and lab results. Parents can also communicate with their child's healthcare provider and send secure messages, making it easy for them to stay informed about their child's healthcare.
  • Medical Billing 
    AccuPoint's medical billing feature streamlines the billing process, making it easy for providers to submit claims and receive payments. It offers a payroll module that lets physicians keep track of employee salaries. AccuPoint medical billing also allows providers to verify insurance eligibility and generate reports along with claim tracking, making it easy to manage their revenue cycle.
  • Scheduling 
    AccuPoint's scheduling feature enables providers to schedule appointments, send reminders, and manage their calendars. Providers can view their patient's appointment history and see their availability, making it easy to schedule appointments at a convenient time. AccuPoint's scheduling feature also allows providers to send reminders to their patients through text messages or email, reducing the number of no-shows and last-minute cancellations. 

Is AccuPoint Right For You? 

AccuPoint is a software solution designed for managing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) practices. It offers various features, including medical billing, patient scheduling, and picture archiving, making it suitable for healthcare businesses looking to streamline billing processes and improve patient care. The software is suitable for practices of all sizes, but the choice depends on a user's specific needs and budget. If you're still unsure about the tool, schedule a free demo by clicking the "Watch Demo button above. 

AccuPoint Pricing 

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  • Great customer support
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Budget friendly


  • Technical glitches
  • Slow implementation process

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does AccuPoint EMR software cost?

The cost structure for AccuPoint EMR Software is not provided on the website. Contact the support team to get pricing details.

Is AccuPoint EMR software cloud-based?

Yes, AccuPoint EMR is cloud-based software.

What are the main features of AccuPoint EMR software?

AccuPoint EMR Software offers features such as appointment management, appointment scheduling, automated scheduling, billing and invoicing, calendar management, case management, certification and licensing, charting, child welfare management, claims management, client management, client portal, compliance management, and compliance tracking. It aims to provide healthcare providers with an efficient way to manage their practice and patient information.

What level of support does AccuPoint EMR Software provide?

AccuPoint EMR Software offers the following support options: Phone support, chat, 24/7 live support, FAQs, forums, and a knowledge base.

Who are the main users of AccuPoint EMR software?

AccuPoint EMR Software has the following users: small businesses, mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises.

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