Acumen 2.0 Powered by Epic

Acumen 2.0 Epic software is one of a kind of software that provides a complete solution to physicians. It is a software that has been specially designed to cater to the needs of Nephrology practitioners. This collaboration would provide vendors to communicate with hospital systems, other providers, national pharmacy companies, and labs. With this, the practices using Acumen 2.0 epic software could easily have access to Epic MyChart patient portal, electronic medical records, practice management, and much more. The Nephrology specific tasks and support would be catered by Acumen 2.0.

Acumen 2.0 Epic software comes with a number of useful features such as Acumen Mobile Charge Capture, Acumen nEHR, Acumen Plus (nEHR + PM), Acumen Practice Management, Acumen Nephrologixx, Acumen PQRS, and Revenue Cycle Management Services. Acumen has developed a very strong trusted network for over a long period of time; it caters to the needs of 280 Nephrology practices with more than 2,400 providers.

2015 ONC HIT Certified and HIPPA compliant software, Acumen 2.0 Epic Software comes with the integration with dialysis centers which allows practitioners a smooth workflow where they can choose any center to work with of their preference.

Originally Epic is not really specific and optimized for nephrology practices. This partnership has made it that way by trimming down the general epic tools that were never used in nephrology practices and adding in tools that aid in the practice for practitioners to have a great experience. Moreover, Acumen2.0 is also supported by its top-notch customer care which has always been a USP for the organization.

Acumen 2.0 Powered by Epic reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews



Burns Medical

11-50 employees

September 2020


Whenever I need help I like the assistance I get the staff is helpful and knowledgeable.

The software sometimes gets hard to use and assistance is required.


NeuroPain Care Center


May 2018

Quick Results

The lab interface works really well with the Quest, and we are able to receive results quicker than usual. We are able to access patient data in a secure environment which is really nice.

Due to the variability, it is difficult to have historical lab show up in one view.

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