Axxess Home Health

What Is Axxess Home Health? 


Axxess Home Health is a cloud-based EMR for home healthcare. It helps clinicians streamline operations, improve patient care, and enhance efficiency. The software offers various features, including billing, patient engagement, revenue cycle management, and more.  

What Is Axxess Home Health Best Known For? 

One of the standout features of Axxess Home Health is its robust billing capabilities. The integrated billing tools help clinicians manage claims, track payments, and handle rejections. By automating and simplifying the billing process, the EMR saves time, allowing practitioners to focus on providing quality care. 

Axxess Home Health Software Pricing 

The vendor offers flexible and customizable pricing options. You can click Get Pricing for a personalized quote. 

Axxess Home Health Integrations 

The software integrates with the following third-party applications: 

  • Swift 
  • Optum 
  • Surescripts 
  • Forcura 
  • CarePort 
  • McKesson 
  • Trella 

How Does Axxess Home Health Work? 

Here's how you can navigate the dashboard and make use of the software’s features: 

  • Log in using your credentials and access the dashboard 
  • Utilize forms library to create and manage clinical documentation 
  • Optimize your scheduling with scheduling tools, ensuring timely visits and minimizing travel time 
  • Conduct virtual visits and remotely monitor patient health 
  • With built-in reporting, gain valuable insights into your agency's performance and make data-driven decisions

Click Watch Demo for a free Axxess Home Health demo and learn more about its functionalities.  

Who Is Axxess Home Health For? 

Axxess Home Health is ideal for home health agencies of all sizes. The software provides the tools and capabilities to streamline operations and deliver exceptional patient care. It caters to the needs of various healthcare specialties, such as: 

  • Hospice 
  • Home care 
  • Palliative care 
  • Pediatric 
  • Therapy 

Axxess Home Health Features 

  • Scheduling 

This feature simplifies managing appointments and visits. With advanced scheduling tools, physicians can efficiently assign staff, optimize routes, and ensure timely visits.   

  • Patient Engagement 

Engage clients actively in their care with Axxess Home Health, as it helps improve communication. From secure messaging to educational resources, it empowers patients to participate in their treatment plans. 

  • Medication Management 

Axxess Home Health allows physicians to effortlessly manage medications and ensure compliance. This assists in tracking medication schedules, setting reminders, and monitoring adherence to prevent errors and promote patient safety. 

  • Reporting Module 

This module provides powerful insights into the performance of an organization. Generate comprehensive reports and analyze key metrics to make data-driven decisions. Monitor productivity, quality of care, financials, and more. 

Is Axxess Home Health Right For You? 

With over 8,000 organizations relying on it, Axxess Home Health is a scalable EMR. It addresses human resources, clinical, operational, scheduling, and billing needs.  

Moreover, physicians can ensure secure access to data with this HIPAA-compliant system.  Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) enables effortless compliance achievement. 

If you're unsure whether Axxess Home Health fits your needs, call us at (315) 215-3447, and our customer support will help you make the best decision.    

Axxess Home Health Pricing Plans 

Axxess Home Health software offers customizable pricing for users.  

Axxess Home Health Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does Axxess Home Health Software cost?

Axxess Home Health Software offers customizable pricing options. To get detailed pricing information, click Get Pricing.

Is Axxess Home Health Software cloud-based?

Yes, Axxess Home Health Software is a cloud-based solution.

What are the main features of Axxess Home Health Software?

Axxess Home Health Software offers various features to support home health agencies. Some prominent features include scheduling, medical billing, patient engagement, reporting and medication management.

What level of support does Axxess Home Health Software offer?

Axxess Home Health Software provides the following support options: phone and request form submission.

Who are the main users of Axxess Home Health Software?

The main users of Axxess Home Health Software are home health agencies of all sizes. It caters to various healthcare specialties such as home, palliative, and pediatric care.

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