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AL Advantage EHR is an assisted living software that attempts to alleviate senior caregiver’s on-the-job stress levels. The software is titled the ‘easiest to use’ senior care management software available. Veteran senior caregiver designed the software to improve care staff scheduling and provide care assessment tools. 

 Al Advantage EHR software includes all of the tools that you need to manage resident care, such as charting, assessments, medication administration, service plans, and incident reporting. Administrative duties such as reporting, maintaining care levels, and state compliance are made easier. Assessments and service care plans are made easier with standard phrasing on suitable forms. Customizable care levels, depending on the resident's individual care needs, create more accurate resident charges, while accounting staff is promptly notified of any care level changes through email, allowing for real-time accurate pro-rated monthly invoicing. This auto care level change notification to "accounting" more than covers the cost of the software. 

Service plans, histories, timetables, and reports may all be prepared and printed using AL Advantage Software. Automatic follow-ups are set with continuous charting histories kept using nurse-designed charting tools. On a single page, the resident face sheet delivers a complete view of the summary of primary care information. It also includes the resident's photo and important contacts. The software generates tailored levels of resident care and assists with effective staff allocation by providing timely and accurate invoicing. AL Advantage EHR software also offers compliance reports to keep you up to date on state care reporting requirements. These reports help you identify the residents which are due for reassessments, enabling you to stay on top of your residents’ needs. 

Fluid intake, outtake, and bowel motions can all be tracked and reported with AL Advantage Software. The bowel movement tracking tool is accessible via a drop-down menu, and reports can be generated with a few mouse clicks. When it comes to generating service plans, assessments, and caregiver instructions, the cloud-based software allows for one-time data entry, which saves a lot of time. HIPAA-compliant software encrypts and secures private resident records and data. Al Advantage Software does not require any software installation and so is hassle-free and does not charge any set-up fees either. 

The real-time interaction provided by assisted living management software allows you to connect from any location and at any time. AL Advantage EHR software makes it simple to keep track of and address the requirements of residents. It is best suited for all sizes of care level communities. To get a complete overview of the software, you can request a 30 minutes AL Advantage EHR demo to help you answer all of your questions. 

AL Advantage EHR Pricing: The pricing starts at $7 per month per resident. 

AL Advantage EHR Support: Their customer support team is always available around the clock to help you out. 

AL Advantage EHR Pros: According to AL Advantage EHR Reviews, their customer support is truly legendary. Apart from this, the daily update feature is really helpful. 

AL Advantage EHR Cons: The navigation for incident report is a little confusing. 

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