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Alleva is SaaS-based operational software for therapists who treat patients for behavioral and mental illnesses. It is a physician-focused solution that fosters a welcoming behavioral health ecosystem. Alleva EMR, as a proprietary technology solution, ensures regulatory compliance while adding value to the charting process.    

Organizations that use Alleva EHR excel by focusing on their strengths and outwitting their weaknesses. Millions of people trust it because of its impressive documentation modules that are simple to use. Alleva medical software reduces physician’s stress by automating workflow, which leads to better care quality.   

Key Features

Data Insights Service  

Alleva is dedicated to maximizing the true potential of behavioral health centers. It provides data insights by utilizing its business analytics service. These built-in insights inform therapists about their own strengths and weaknesses.   

The data insight services increase productivity. It summarizes the entire list of workflow inefficiencies and sends reports to clients at regular intervals. As a result, the healthcare professionals make better decisions, which also leads to better business outcomes.   

Medication Management  

With pharmacy-integrated s features, Alleva medical software masters the magic of medical records management. The integration section removes the element of speculation from the charting procedure. There is also a medication window that displays a list of patients who require medication.  

Incorrect dosage and dangerous drug interactions are also timely reported to physicians. Alleva EHR eliminates the hassle of double-checking medications while processing charts. As a result, it yields focused healthcare outcomes in half the time.    

Alleva Mobile App  

Alleva includes a mobile app for improved medication and clinical management. Furthermore, its mobile-friendly interface enables users to work from home, ensuring enhanced connectivity.      

The technologically advanced mobile app allows you to check assignment updates, send tele-visit invites, and share questionnaires with the patients. Therapists refer to Alleva's mobile app as an engagement booster because it sends timely alerts, and allows for secure communication.  

Alleva Software Pricing   

The pricing information of Alleva software is yet to be released publicly. They are, however, available upon request. To request Alleva's pricing structure, look for the "Get Pricing” button at the top of the page. 

Alleva Software Demo    

Are you eager to see Alleva software in action? Don't just take our word. Set up a free demo to see Alleva EMR in action. Schedule a demo today to learn more about this magnificent care platform's services  .  

Alleva Software Reviews   

Alleva medical software client testimonials are quite appealing. They rule in favor of this robust solution. Overall, therapists are relieved to have Alleva EHR on their side. According to customers’ feedback, the task-based dashboard, compliant patient charts, treatment tracking, and telehealth service provided by Alleva are flawless. Furthermore, Alleva EMR offers advanced reporting tools and dedicated customer support, making the treatment process easier.  

You can also find detailed client reviews in our Reviews Section below.     

Our Thoughts 

Alleva is a high-tech platform that includes everything a therapist might require. Smart to-do lists, visualized reports, built-in marketing tools, and an EMR-integrated CRM define the operations of Alleva. With these extraordinary specifications at users’ disposal, behavioral health specialists can vastly improve their clinical services.  

We recommend that you view the free demo of this software to decide whether it is the right fit for your organization.

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