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Assisted Living Intelligent Solutions (ALIS) is a cloud-based electronic health records software designed for assisted living organizations of all sizes. The application automates time-consuming administrative processes to optimize overall care services. It provides integrated assessments, eMAR management, family engagement, admission management, and activity planning features. Clinicians can use the system to streamline clinical, billing, and marketing operations.

The digital platform features a real-time reporting tool that generates medication administration reports. It also optimizes the entire process of medication delivery and management process. Its care management modules help users create service plans, resident assessments, and care schedules. Providers can also use the product to meet the telehealth needs of geriatric homes.

Additionally, ALIS software empowers assisted living communities to manage staff documentation and ensure compliance with state regulations. Facilities can streamline daily workflows, creating more time for resident care. The solution also provides users with an overhead view of the community performance to help ensure the overall wellbeing of its residents.

Key Features

Admission Management

The medical software offers end-to-end solutions to help practices streamline the admission management process. It ensures seamless patient check-in through quick record scanning and online form submissions. Users can also offer personalized and targeted care to build the best possible care plans for their residents. 

Data Security

Assisted Living Intelligent Solutions (ALIS) offers a centralized resident record management system to eliminate manual data entry errors. It adheres to HIPAA regulations and offers high-level data security with encrypted databases and daily backups in the cloud. 

Staff Management

The application automates time-consuming clinical tasks to help providers optimize workflows. It reduces administrative burdens to free up staff time and assigns them tasks related to resident care. Organizations can also streamline staff allocation, conflict management, and stay on top of staff activities. 

ALIS Pricing

ALIS EHR software is available on monthly or annual subscriptions. Further, the ALIS pricing for the vendor’s basic subscription plan starts at $8.00 per month.
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ALIS Reviews

Assisted Living Intelligent Solutions (ALIS) has received great user satisfaction ratings. Its customizable suite of workflow automation tools, third-party integrations, and user-friendly interface has impressed many reviewers.
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Our Thoughts

ALIS Software is a dependable electronic health records system that aids assisted living and memory care communities in automating day-to-day tasks. It also optimizes revenue cycles, and ensures the wellbeing of their residents. 
Overall, the software boasts an overall satisfied customer base, but we recommend that you check out the product’s demo before making the final purchase.

ALIS Software Pricing

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