Allscripts EMR Software

Allscripts is a game-changing EMR platform that has evolved tremendously since its inception. It is considerably more than a standard electronic health record solution and includes advanced features. This system is well-known for its prescription, charting, and quality reporting capabilities. The seller has been selling to doctors in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia for more than 30 years.

Allscripts EMR Features

Allscripts EMR software delivers value to the healthcare community by combining new healthcare trends with innovative facilities. According to the reviews, Allscripts EMR accelerates clinical workflow with no effort by putting forth its unparalleled specifications. So, let us delve into the essential and efficient features of Allscripts EMR software.

Performance Management

Medical practices can only excel by developing at a consistent rate, which is only feasible by ensuring long-term performance. To achieve the highest degree of performance, all healthcare facilities strive to improve their clinical services. Allscripts EMR software contributes to this by providing business intelligence solutions. 

The vendor sifts through the mined data to extract valuable insights and redesign the clinical data for optimal utilization. This interactive dashboard includes a comprehensive reporting mechanism for tracking clinical performance. There are even solutions that can be tailored to improve administrative services. There are even tools that let providers see their operational costs and a lot more at a glance through graphical representations.

Electronic Prescription

Allscripts EMR's prescribing functionality demonstrates that the vendor is worthwhile. Allscripts EMR's prescribing function is useful in addition to many other exceptional offerings. It helps doctors write better prescriptions by giving them insights from patient data and even checks for allergies. 

This medication administration system complies with healthcare rules and enables direct prescription exchange with integrated pharmacies. Patients save time because they can easily obtain their recommended drugs. Allscripts EMR software is linked with over 50,000 clinical pharmacies as it is designed to improve the lives of patients.

Dedicated to Customer Service

Allscripts' dedicated healthcare platform offers extensive support services to practitioners. Its EMR is well-known for providing outstanding support and training. With remote and cloud-based training tools, it trains all clinicians and their personnel. 

Allscripts EMR effects this process by assigning clients to professional training experts to assist them in becoming acquainted with the vendor's services. This learning solution even provides access to role-based training materials. Finally, email and phone help are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in real-time healthcare settings. 

Tools for Practice Management 

Allscripts EMR offers best-in-class practice management capabilities to clients. The vendor increases the enthusiasm of administrative employees by giving them more control over their day-to-day activities. The staff can just scan patient documents into medical records and store them in the cloud. 

When compared to competing options, Allscripts EMR's practice management system is free. This comprehensive system streamlines check-in and patient registration processes, provides automatic bill generation, and sends reminders and warnings. All of this is possible with a few mouse clicks. 

Mobile Compatibility

Allscripts EMR software's mobile accessibility offering is pretty intriguing. It is even shown in the Allscripts EMR demo. This speeds up work a lot because clinicians can do their jobs while they are on the move. 

There's no reason to confine yourself to desktop monitors any longer. This market-leading platform works with all mobile devices, including Android and iOS. 

The app allows caregivers to see patient records, save progress notes, review lab findings, fill in refill requests, and connect with patients. They can even change patient flowsheets and mark completed actions on the go to keep the system up-to-date for all staff members. In short, Allscripts EMR's basic-yet-effective tool simplifies all arduous procedures.

Allscripts EMR Pricing 

Allscripts EMR pricing has not been made public. But if you click the "Get Pricing" button above or on this page, you can find out more. 

Allscripts EMR Demo 

In the Allscripts EMR demo, you will be able to test out all of the capabilities stated above. You will be able to analyze them in depth in order to form a final conclusion. Schedule an Allscripts EMR demo today to make an informed choice. However, Allscripts does not offer a free trial.   

Allscripts EMR Evaluation   


  • It operates regardless of location and is available at all times. 

  • It allows for third-party connectors to improve workflow. 

  • The support services are quite responsive. 


  • Frequent changes reduce performance by disturbing workflow. 


  • Education and instruction 
  • services for technical and customer support. 
  • Management Services 
  • Services for Professionals 
  • Services for Revenue Cycle Management 
  • Hardware and remote hosting 


Allscripts EMR Software Alternatives 

This all-inclusive platform provides two EMR modules based on practice size and complexity:   

Allscripts Professional 

This edition is designed for small and medium-sized medical offices. Ambulatory offices can use this fully integrated EHR solution, which makes it easier to manage clinical and financial operations and ensures that the highest quality of care is always given.   

TouchWorks EMR by Allscripts 

This edition is ideal for multi-specialty offices and large-scale healthcare facilities. It is consistent with organizations' scalability needs and is the ideal solution to store databases in a centralized area. This cloud-based provider serves as the single source of truth for multi-location and multi-site practices. Additionally, it provides maternity care services. Touchworks also provides technologies for quality care management and clinical decision assistance.  

Both of these EHR modules' documenting, communicating, and revenue cycle management features are highly versatile and configurable. Furthermore, Allscripts is an ONC-ATB-certified platform with approximately 7000 employees. It brings together over 2340 hospitals and 333,188 practitioners from around the world to form a diversified and competent healthcare community. After acquiring PracticeFusion, it now has a global footprint in the healthcare industry.  


  • BOSSnet  
  • dbMotion 
  • Precision Medicine at FollowMyHealth 
  • Sunrise   

Allscripts Software's Highlights 

  • Monitoring appointments 
  • Administrative tasks have been streamlined. 
  • The flow of patients 
  •  Maternity care management 
  • EMR mobile dashboard that is simple to use. 
  • Mobile connectivity 
  • Revenue administration 
  • Care coordination through e-prescribing 
  • Care instructions 
  • Clinical decision-making assistance 
  • Quality control 
  • Consolidation of data sources 
  • Daily preparation 


Allscripts EMR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

Is Allscripts a good charting system?

Allscripts Practice Management is a fantastic software for large hospitals to use. Scheduling efficiency and access to patient records allow physicians to manage their time better and perform well.

Is Allscripts a good EMR?

Yes, Allscripts EMR reviews are proof that it is a good EMR.

What is Allscripts Pro EHR?

The Allscripts Practice Financial Platform is a comprehensive platform that covers practice administration, claim processing, and revenue cycle management solutions appropriate for physician practices and billing services. It is integrated with Professional EHR.

What software does Allscripts use?

Allscripts uses a single-platform solution, Microsoft Azure, that provides an end-to-end offering with clinical, financial, and ambulatory content to assist enterprises in achieving operational and financial success.

Allscripts EMR Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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Allscripts EMR Software reviews

Overall Rating

81 Reviews



VUM Medical

51-200 employees

January 2023

Versatile and Simple

The software is extremely simple any worker can get to know how to use it with just a little bit of training, plus it has a large variety of tasks that it can do.

If it was free I would have loved it even more.



2-10 employees

December 2022


Segments the notes into categories and keeps them running quite smoothly.

No complaints so far.


Eye Care

2-10 employees

November 2022

Good software

This software makes the documentation process very easy.

Not so User friendly as per my experience.


Women's Clinic

11-50 employees

November 2022


The tool has enabled me to keep charts of patients running smoothly and it allows you to categorize them in different categories too which is great.

I have no complaints.


Care Solutions

51-200 employees

November 2022

Fun to work with

Love how it does the segmentation of different records and makes tables for them which are very easy to use.

The customer care center is not responsive at all.


Summit Care

201-500 employees

November 2022

Allscripts review

Great storage capacity for patient records, charts, and other categories. I love how it's not difficult at all to look for patients.

I don't like how it does not work on Chrome.


Women's Clinic

11-50 employees

October 2022


The tool has enabled me to keep charts of patients running smoothly and it allows you to categorize them in different categories too which is great.

I have no complaints.


Medical Office

11-50 employees

October 2022

Great navigation and sorting of data

Favorite thing about the software is that you can rearrange by various fields such as "Document Type" "Specialists" "communication." etc.

The patient chart is useful however the insurance details can not be seen through it.


Active Fit


September 2022

Got my hands on it easily

Simple to use and it was actually surprising how easily I understood its functions and started using them so easily.

Nothing too bad about the product there are small issues that arise which are catered too however I think the customer support's response time could be improved.


Care Health

51-200 employees

September 2022

Good for documentation, confusing to start with

It is a good software and makes the documentation process simpler while sending Rx.

It's not as userfriendly as other programs in the market.

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