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Last updated: October 03, 2023

What You Need To Know About EMR Software
Specialty Specific EMR Software – Alternative & Holistic Medicine EMR Software
Alternative Medicine EHR Software Features
How to Choose Alternative Medicine & Holistic Medicine EMR Software?
EMR Software Benefits

What You Need To Know About EMR Software


Electronic Medical Records Software commonly known as EMR software is a software that has been designed to cater to the healthcare industry. EMR software is the modern way of record-keeping in a clinical setting. The software helps you store medical records online and eliminates the use of extensive labor and paperwork. The software could store a plethora of information regarding multiple patients. The information could include patients’ medical history, demographics, lab reports and much more.

EMR systems come with different functions and scopes. Some may cater to small practices and others might be suitable for large practices. Some might cater to a specific specialty and others might cater to a number of specialties. So determining what you need is the first thing to keep in mind buying a suitable EMR and that is exactly what we help you within finding the right EMR software for your practice.

Specialty Specific EMR Software – Alternative & Holistic Medicine EMR Software

In today’s world there has been a shift of trend and people are shifting towards alternative medicines rather than pharmaceutical drugs. Alternative medicines are made using natural ingredients and are considered to be a healthier and safer option. However, Alternative Medicine practices face the same issues as General Practices. From a holistic viewpoint, these practices are no different as compared to general practices. Practitioners seek to increase their revenue and reduce overhead costs. In other words, EMR software services are just as important for these practices as general practices.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software designed specifically for Alternative Medicine Specialty caters to their needs just as it does for General Practices. The software streamlines daily workflows, eliminates the use of paper by digitalizing the record-keeping and also helps increase efficiency and revenue by reducing overhead costs.

Alternative Medicine EHR Software Features

Electronic Health records software comes with a number of features and some of the features are crucial for specific specialties. Here are a number of the key features that the Alternative Medicine EMR Software includes:

Predefined Templates – Different EMR software comes with pre-designed templates which enables users to complete tasks like charting and note-taking easy. Alternative Medicine EHR software includes similar predesigned templates and lets practitioners to even customize these templates according to preference so that the software can best suit their practice. Templates save time and also can be edited in order to take notes and that can be done by using different input methods such as voice recognition. Practitioners can easily dictate the notes that they have to write with their hands being free to examine their patients better.

Custom Prescription List – Prescription lists is also a very common EMR software feature however the prescription list in an Alternative Medicine EHR software would be very different as it would include vitamins and compounds rather than any pharmaceutical drugs.

Patient Education Module – Patients need to be well educated about different medicines and their uses. Greater awareness leads to greater satisfaction and improves the quality of healthcare. Patient Education Module is included in Alternative Medicine EHR software which makes use of emails, pamphlets and text messages which helps educate patients about treatments and prescribed medicines.

Quick Order Sets – SOAP notes can be customized making it easy to completes tasks like charting and prescriptions. Customizing prescription lists is made easy with the quick order sets to match a certain diagnosis.

Progress Tracking & Imaging Integration – Progress tracking is made easy with detailed notes provided with Alternative Medicine EMR software. Choosing an EMR software that lets users track progress through charts and notes is integral for the practice. Moreover, users must make sure that graphs are also integrated with laboratories and equipment.

E&M Codes and Billing – usually the treatments vary however the diagnosis is usually the same. Pre-built CPT and ICD-10 codes are important for an alternative medicine specialty to ensure a seamless billing process.

Workflow Management – Alternative Medicine EHR software should be able to store a large volume of data safely. It should provide easy access to patient records in order for better diagnosis and healthcare service. The software must be able to streamline workflows and reduce labor costs by covering up most of the office functioning daily tasks.

Real-time Dashboard – A real-time dashboard is integral for The Alternative Medicine & Holistic Medicine software as it allows users to view patient profiles, patient charts, medical billing processes, patient scheduling, and much more. This information is available in one place greatly helps in increasing the healthcare practice efficiency as multiple tabs do not have to be opened again and again.

How to Choose Alternative Medicine & Holistic Medicine EMR Software?

You are the only one to know what you want exactly from your EHR software. The EHR software must be able to complete your daily office tasks quickly and as smoothly as possible. Knowing what is unique about your practice and specialty is integral to know which EHR software would cater to your needs. Some basic things all users need to keep in mind are:

Size – Some of the EMR software are designed to cater to the needs of practices that are large in size and scale and similarly some are designed to cater to the smaller ones. The Alternative Medicine & Holistic Medicine software is designed keeping a certain number of users, scalability, and support required in mind. Keeping the size of your practice in mind is an essential part of your decision.

System Design – System Design usually comes down to two main options; either installing the software on a stand-alone computer in the office or on a cloud-based system that provides remote access to users from anywhere they may be. This is strictly dependent in the users’ choice and comfort level.

Certification – For Alternative Medicine & Holistic Medicine software, it is important to know whether your EHR software is ONC-Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ONC-ATCB) certified. The certification makes sure that the vendor meets Meaningful Use objectives and is HIPAA compliant.

Integration – It is important that the EHR software that you choose enables you to integrate with different laboratories so that the data is easily uploaded, shared, exported or imported into and from the system.

Patient Treatment and Tracking – Alternative Medicine treatments are different from usual treatments it is integral for doctors to track patient progress in order to prescribe medication accordingly. The right EHR system would allow users to track progress by providing easy access to results and also by allowing easy updating of patient charts.

Accurate Codes and Reports – Codes are a must overviewing today’s healthcare industry. To function efficiently your EHR software should be ICD-10 compliant. Knowing and accessing codes to your specific practice are integral. Users may also be able to work better with PQRI (Physician Quality Research Institute) programs if they are able to submit the appropriate reports quickly. Today’s Alternative Medicine EMR must be able to assist with this.

Information On Hand – Information, the more the merrier. Users and clients both need to have as much access to information that makes things clear and better for both of them. Doctors using an Alternative Medicine EMR can get access to vital information on vitamins and compounds. This helps them to have on-hand information making diagnosis easy and accurate for them.

Patients can access important information such as educational literature on asthma management. Knowing what to do if an attack occurs, or what to avoid in order to prevent one, significantly reduces high-risk situations.

Users also do not have to explain everything to their patients verbally saving on a lot of time. Patients can easily be given access to a patient portal where they can communicate easily with their doctors, check results, share documents this reduces the need to visit the practice again and again.

Educational literature could easily be E-mailed to the patients as well. Alongside all of that visual aid helps them understand better and reduces ambiguity.

Safety Features – Alternative Medicine EMR software can help prevent faulty decisions by guiding users in treatment options. When the EHR system is specialty-specific it would contain protocols specific to the specialty. This will help users when it comes to choosing the most beneficial but also least risky way forward.

EMR Software Benefits

EMR/EHR software has become a must in today’s healthcare industry. It has proven itself to provide a number of benefits to users such as:

  • Improving efficiency
  • Improving profitability and revenue cycle management
  • Engagement with patients (via Patient Portal)
  • Decreasing overhead costs
  • Better in-house staff coordination
  • Enhanced Security and Safety (Cloud Storage & Back-ups)
  • Integration between organizations – Health Information Exchange (EMRs with HIE connectivity)


Choose wisely and find the best EHR service provider for your practice with our help. With the right technology and vast resources—make your work life easier and your healthcare dynamic. Find the right EMR with FindEMR.