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Ambra Health software is software that has been designed to cater to medical practices. It is a web-based medical data and image management system solution for medical practices ranging from small, mid to large sizes. Ambra Health software caters to a number of specialties such as radiology practices, clinical research organizations, hospitals, subspecialty practices, and contract research organizations. It is an interoperable and scalable system software that offers a web-based PACS and VNA enabling users to easily transfer medical images over various locations and different EHR systems. For improved image sharing between doctors, patients, and providers, Ambra Health is the way to go.

Ambra Health EHR system has proven itself to provide improved patient care and it also enables patients to upload imaging prior, to their homes through access to their own patient portal. Ambra Health EHR software integrates image sharing from different sources and it enables medical organizations to streamline their daily workflow by the ability of digitally routing medical images and accessing them anytime and anywhere.

Ambra Health EHR cost-benefit solution comes with a large and secure web-based storage that enables users to keep all the medical images and patient records in a secure centralized database. A per configurable retention rules the system automatically purges the data. The system supports different document and image types such as DOC, JPEG, TFF, and more. The software system is also compatible with MAC, PC, or tablets.

 Ambra Health EHR Pricing: Ambra Health EHR pricing plans start at $100.00/month. Users can also request a price quote by clicking on the ‘Get Pricing’ Button.

Ambra Health USP: Ambra Health EHR software consists of secure web-based storage, so the users keep all imaging within a single centralized database. Users can also store and retrieve different file formats such as JPEG, DOC, TFF, etc.

Ambra Health Support: Online support offered during business hours.

Ambra Health Advantages: The software comes with the option of customization users can customize the software to fit their needs by creating custom fields for the medical images, they can also upload along with customizing routing rules depending upon the demands of the trial.

Ambra Health Limitations: Images such as CAT scan and MRIs sometimes result in delayed viewing.

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