Ambula EMR Software

What is Ambula EMR Software? 


Ambula EMR is the robust cloud solution for independent ambulatory surgical centers and clinics. This cloud-based software is designed to streamline patient care workflows, pain management, and orthopedic help. Practioners can take advantage of the comprehensive practice management features, including documentation management, medical record-keeping, scheduling, and more.

Overall, Ambula EMR is an all-in-one solution for independent practices that want to streamline their workflows and improve patient care. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and robust security, it's a must-have tool for any medical practice. Ambula also offers an office EMR and a personal injury EMR system.

What is Ambula EMR best for? 

With Ambula EMR, practices can make use of its E-Fax feature. This is one great aspect of the tool that lets physicians send and receive faxes from other organizations electronically. This saves time, reduces the use of paper, and ensures the information is error-free. 

The E-Fax feature in the Ambula EMR eliminates the need for traditional fax machines, which can be costly and time-consuming to maintain. With E-Fax, healthcare providers can send and receive faxes from anywhere, anytime, using only an internet connection. 

Ambula EMR Pricing 

Ambula EMR offers three pricing plans. They are Independent Practice, Ambulatory Surgery Center, and Enterprise Plan. You can take a look at the table below for further guidance. 

Pricing details can be obtained by clicking on the 'Get Pricing' button, and one of our customer sales representatives will help you finalize the best plan for your practice. 

Ambula EMR Integrations 

No relevant information is available on the integrations of Ambula EMR. 

How does Ambula EMR Software work?

To get started with Ambula EMR Software, follow the steps mentioned ahead: 

  • Set up the software by installing it on your computer. 
  • Create user accounts for all staff members. 
  • Customize the software settings to meet the specific needs of your practice. 
  • Provide adequate training to all staff members on how to use the software. 
  • Import any existing patient data and medical records into the Ambula EMR system. 
  • Enable Ambula EMR support by contacting the Ambula team. 
  • Start using the software to make appointments, keep track of patient records, record medical visits, and do other important tasks. 

If you want to learn more about the software, click the 'Watch Demo' button. A free demo will help you understand the tool before investing in it. 

Who is Ambula EMR Software for? 

Ambula EMR helps optimize workflow and improve efficiency with its electronic medical record services. This allows both independent practices and surgical centers to monitor discrepancies, schedule appointments, store patient information, bill patients, etc. Healthcare professionals belonging to the following specialties can use Ambula EMR: 

  • Orthopedic ambulatory surgical centers 
  • Anesthesia 
  • Pain management 
  • General Surgery 
  • Gastro 
  • Neurology 
  • Ophthalmology 
  • Gynecology 
  • Urology 
  • Plastic Surgery 

Additionally, Ambula EMR is suitable for practices of all sizes. Be it office-based, independent, or a surgery center. 

Ambula EMR Features 

  • Patient Management 

Ambula EMR provides healthcare providers with a centralized patient management system that enables them to create, store, and access patient records easily. Providers can capture demographic information, medical history, allergies, medications, lab results, and other relevant data. Ambula EMR also allows providers to search for patient records and retrieve them easily. A patient at home can sign a consent form, and this allows physicians to keep information and data in check. 

  • Report Generation 

Providers can generate custom reports, including financial reports, patient health records, and appointment reports. These reports can help providers identify trends, improve their practice operations, and provide better patient care. Anesthesia records, patient tests, and results can also be kept in the loop with the help of the reporting module. 

  • Task Management 

Ambula EMR allows healthcare providers to manage tasks efficiently. Providers can create task lists, assign tasks to staff members, and track progress. Ambula EMR also provides reminders to ensure that tasks are completed on time. 

  • Scheduling and Billing 

Ambula EMR allows healthcare providers to manage patient scheduling with ease. Providers can schedule appointments, send appointment reminders, and track patient arrival and check-out times. Ambula EMR also provides a real-time view of the provider's schedule, enabling them to manage appointments efficiently. The software lets you take a look at all the bills and faxes being sent. It also allows healthcare professionals to monitor discrepancies to avoid any inconvenience. 

Is Ambula EMR Software Right for You? 

If you are an independent ambulatory practice or surgical center looking for an EMR with automation tools, including auditing tools, removing paper charts, and offering consent forms. Ambula EMR might be a suitable choice.  By utilizing the impressive capabilities and functionalities it offers, your practice could effectively streamline workflow and minimize workload, leading to greater efficiency and more time to focus on delivering exceptional patient care. 

If you want more assistance, then take a look at the pros and cons table below. These have been added after consulting various Ambula EMR reviews.  

Discover the power and convenience of Ambula EMR - Click 'Watch Demo’ to watch our demo and see how it can transform your healthcare practice! 

Ambula EMR Software Pricing 

  • Independent
  • Ambulatory
    Surgery Center
  • Enterprise Plan
199 / month
750 / month

What’s included
EMR and Practice Management for Offices
What’s included
EMR and Practice Management for ASCs
What’s included
Advanced Features + Custom Solutions
  • Scheduling
  • Office Charting
  • Workflow Management
  • Reporting
  • Insights
  • Web portals for Lawyers
  • Scheduling
  • ASC Charting
  • ASC Reports and Insights
  • ASC workflow management
  • Web portal for lawyers
  • Handle multiple ASCs/branches
  • Workflow customization
  • Advanced level reporting and analytics
  • Personalized account manager
  • Unlimited individual users


  • Improved efficiency: Ambula EMR can automate and streamline many processes, such as patient registration, appointment scheduling, and medical billing, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Great Customer Support: Physimed EMR uses advanced security measures to ensure that patient data is protected and kept confidential.


  • Technical issues: Ambula EMR can experience technical issues such as system downtime or slow performance, which can impact patient care and workflow like all software systems.
  • Record Printing: Some users have complained that printing records can be problematic at times. That is because the system starts glitching and lagging if you want more than two reports at a time.

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does Ambula EMR Software cost?

The software offers three pricing tiers for its users: Independent practice, Ambulatory Surgery Center, and Enterprise Plan. For more information, click on the ‘Get Pricing’ button.

Is Ambula EMR Software cloud-based?

Yes, Ambula EMR is cloud based.

What are the main features of Ambula EMR Software?

Some of the main features offered by Ambula EMR are e-fax, scheduling, patient management, task management and consent forms.

What level of support does Ambula EMR Software?

The software offers the following support options: Chat, Phone support, email and helpdesk.

Who are the main users of Ambula EMR Software?

Ambula EMR is meant for surgical centers, ambulatory practices, clinics, and hospitals. It caters to the needs of various specialties, for example, orthopedic, gynecology, gastro, urology, ophthalmology, etc.

Ambula EMR Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

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