Ankhos Oncology EHR Software

Ankhos is an Oncology Electronic Medical Records software. It is a highly flexible ONC certified digital medical registry. Ankhos Oncology EMR system enables users to easily and quickly manage all patient records by accessing them without any hassle. Ankhos EHR system is a patient-focused longitudinal treatment routine. The software is well-equipped with a number of features, and the software has an extremely easy-to-use interface that allows users to manage prescriptions, change plans and alter the entire treatment routine.

Visit notes, medication and treatments are easily monitored while using Ankhos EHR system. The software helps greatly in scheduling appointments and it schedules for both patients and physicians. Treatment plans are created in detail as much as detail would be required in the clinic. The NCCN rules which provide ironclad documentation enforcement such as double checks on dosing and drug mixing are followed by the software. Document provision is delivered for documenting adverse events using NHSN Adverse event coding.

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