AntWorks Healthcare Software

What is AntWorks Healthcare? 


AntWorks Healthcare software is a cloud-based EHR that provides end-to-end solutions for the healthcare industry. It allows practitioners to manage medical records, diagnosis data of medical practices. AntWorks Electronic Health Record, AntWorks Practice Management, and AntWorks Revenue Cycle Management are all part of their fully integrated portfolio.  

The software has more than 39 years of experience assisting healthcare practitioners with time management and profitability. Read our analysis below to find out whether AntWorks Healthcare is the right fit for your practice.  

What is AntWorks Healthcare best for? 

AntWorks Healthcare software offers a CMR+ option on its website. This is what makes it unique and sets it apart from other EHR software. Under this single option, practitioners can find many different solutions. These include medical reports, prescription forms, contracts, and communications. All of them are digitized, organized, and instantly available through a fully searchable document management system, thanks to CMR+'s understanding of context.   

Moreover, automation with CMR+ enhances the patient experience and lowers compliance risk. It enables medical staff to focus more of their time on patients and less of it on time-consuming clerical and administrative duties.  

AntWorks Healthcare also provides powerful AI-driven tools that make it easier to process large amounts of data, automate administrative tasks, and make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.  

AntWorks Healthcare Pricing 

The software has not shared any details about pricing on its website. The third-party vendors are also not forthcoming with pricing information.  

If you want to know which pricing plan best fits your needs, click the ‘Get Pricing’ button at the top. Our experts will get back to you and provide customized pricing plans according to the requirements of your unique medical practice. 

AntWorks Healthcare Integrations 

There is no information available publicly regarding integrations on the website of the software.  

How does AntWorks Healthcare work? 

AntWorks Healthcare enables practitioners to quickly and easily implement powerful technology into their practices.  

  • The process begins with creating an account, integrating required programs, and then establishing APIs for external applications (if required). 
  • Use AntWorks Healthcare's data ingestion processes to access data from disparate sources.  
  • Use this data in combination with the platform’s AI-assisted optimization tools, allowing practitioners to make more accurate decisions faster than ever before.  
  • AntWorks Healthcare's advanced analytics capabilities give users access to actionable insights that can inform care decisions while ensuring regulatory compliance. 

You can also schedule a free demo offered by the software. Click on the ‘Watch Demo’ button and get a teaser of the tool. 

Who is AntWorks Healthcare for? 

AntWorks Healthcare software is designed to empower healthcare practitioners and providers including:  

  • Physician practices 
  • Hospitals 
  • Long-term care facilities 
  • Payers 
  • Health systems 

It provides comprehensive tools for data ingestion, AI-assisted decision-making, automation, and workflow optimization that can be used to improve the accuracy and speed of operations.  

The following organizations can use the software:  

  • Small Businesses  
  • Medium-Sized Businesses  
  • Large Companies 

AntWorks Healthcare Features 

  • National Drug Database 
    AntWorks Healthcare can help practitioners reduce medical errors, improve patient diagnosis or treatment, and save time in their day-to-day operations with access to its national drug database. This database helps track abuse and interactions that occur with particular medications, providing a comprehensive overview of the most up-to-date medication safety environment. 
  • Claims Management 
    AntWorks Healthcare scrubs claims and clears them of any inaccuracies or coding problems, similar to the majority of other medical software solutions, resulting in higher first-time acceptance rates with claim submissions. You may track claims after they are submitted until reimbursement to view when you will be paid. 
  • Patient Check-in 
    With the help of live scheduling feature, physicians can now view their upcoming appointments without any delays. Patients can also check-in electronically. 
  • Modifiable Templates 
    AntWorks Healthcare Software offers thousands of customizable templates from which users can benefit. This makes it easy to configure these according to the needs of your practice. 

Is AntWorks Healthcare right for you? 

AntWorks Healthcare software offers a powerful suite of tools and technologies, including its national drug database, AI-assisted workflow optimization tools, and advanced analytics capabilities. These tools are designed to help practitioners quickly and accurately make decisions, streamline care processes, and achieve regulatory compliance. Ultimately, the choice of whether or not to use AntWorks Healthcare lies with each practitioner. 

AntWorks Healthcare reviews are quite positive. Many users have praised the comprehensive database of medication safety information, AI-assisted decision-making capabilities etc. For more information, you can click the “Watch Demo” button above and get a visual walkthrough of Antworks Healthcare software. 

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