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AppointMate software is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses of all sizes to manage their operations. With it, businesses can take care of scheduling, billing, and payroll all in one place. The system complies with HIPAA regulations, ensuring that patient and practitioner data is stored securely. Businesses can use AppointMate as a standalone solution or integrate it with their existing systems. 

The software offers several features designed to make running a business easier. The dashboards provide real-time revenue visibility, employee availability, and logged hours. Reports can be exported to Excel, CSV, or PDF format so that businesses can keep track of their progress. AppointMate also offers turn-by-turn directions to clients' homes, making it easier for employees to get to where they need to be. 

Key Features 

Patient Records Management 

The solution provides a patient records management portal that helps staff access and manage patient records. The portal includes a searchable database of patients, staff, and appointments. It also offers a range of features, such as online appointment scheduling, prescription management, and medical billing. 

Resource Portal 

The AppointMate Resource feature is a convenient way to track appointments and ensure they are kept. The portal includes a calendar, schedule manager, email reminders, and more. Plus, with the AppointMate resource portal, businesses can find the latest health news, research, and tips. 

Billing & Invoicing 

AppointMate Scheduling Software easily tracks billable hours, generates invoices, and manages payments. It also includes a built-in time tracker, so you can easily see your time on each project. In addition, it offers a variety of reports so that you can track your progress and revenue overtime.  

Appointment Scheduling 

This EMR system makes it easy to schedule appointments and then track them. This can help medical businesses ensure they are meeting their client's needs and expectations. Additionally, the AppointMate scheduling feature can help healthcare providers reduce no-shows by reminding them of their upcoming appointments. 

AppointMate Pricing 

The solution pricing starts from $250 per feature. Click on the "Get Pricing" button, and one of our customer care representatives will get back to you to help you select the best plan. 

AppointMate Demo 

Get a free, live demo of the system by clicking on the "Watch Demo" button and see how AppointMate can make your business run more efficiently. The software does not offer any free version or free trial. 

AppointMate Reviews 

The software has a good rating overall. Most users say AppointMate is easy to use and has all the features they need to manage their business. It is also liked among its users for its customer support. You can read more reviews about this medical solution in our Reviews Section. 

Our Thoughts 

AppointMate offers a range of features to make it easier to manage appointments, track billable hours, generate invoices, and more. Plus, it complies with HIPAA regulations to ensure your data is secure. We recommend that businesses try AppointMate by watching the demo and asking for pricing information. This way, you can decide if it is the right solution for your business needs.

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