What Is Apptoto? 


Apptoto is a cloud-based patient scheduling and appointment reminders software that helps healthcare organizations reduce no-shows and save time. It offers automated text, voice, and email reminders to the users. Practitioners can easily manage patient appointments by sending automated reminders for upcoming events. The software also provides features like online booking, automated confirmations, and more. 

What Is Apptoto Best For?  

Apptoto is well known for its excellent customer support team. If you require help with payment configurations or have inquiries about arranging appointments, the customer representatives can help answer your questions. 

Apptoto Pricing  

The software’s pricing depends on the number of users. The starting price of Apptoto is $39 for three users per month. You can click the Get Pricing button to get a customized quote.   

Apptoto Integrations  

Apptoto integrates with the following third-party applications: 

  • Google Calendar 
  • Microsoft Exchange 
  • Office 365 
  • Microsoft Outlook 
  • Salesforce 
  • PraticePanther  

How Does Apptoto Work? 

Here’s how you can get started with Apptoto software after installation:  

  • Log in using your credentials  
  • Customize account settings, such as your business information, appointment types, and messaging templates  
  • Connect Apptoto to your existing calendar to sync appointments and ensure accurate availability for new bookings  
  • Set up your appointment scheduling preferences, such as booking windows, appointment lengths, and time zone settings  
  • Create your appointments and invite clients to confirm or reschedule  
  • Monitor your appointment status and communicate with clients as needed using Apptoto’s messaging platform  
  • Explore the reporting and analytics features to gain insights into your scheduling and messaging performance  

Click the Watch Demo button for a free Apptoto demo and learn more about its functionalities. 

Who Is Apptoto For?  

The following industries use Apptoto: 

  • Healthcare 
  • Financial services 
  • Sales 
  • Legal services 
  • Real estate 
  • Home improvement 

Apptoto Features  

  • Appointment Reminder  
    Apptoto allows you to send automated appointment reminders, confirmation requests, and real-time updates to your existing calendars and inbox. You can also get daily reports to track the performance of your reminders. This feature helps reduce patient no-shows, increasing healthcare practices' revenue generation. 
  • Online Scheduling 
    Online scheduling enables patients to schedule appointments with healthcare providers using online Booking Pages according to the patient’s availability. Practitioners can also determine how the appointment is presented in their calendars. 
  • Appointment Messaging 
    Medical providers can send automated messages to clients before and after appointments based on rules they set up using this functionality. It enables practitioners to send messages to all their appointments on a particular day or date. The software informs patients about last-minute changes or asks them to reschedule if needed.   
  • Payments 
    This functionality allows you to accept credit cards through Apptoto when patients book appointments. You can also accept payments when people sign up through an Apptoto-provided sign-up page. 
  • Address Book Campaigns 
    Apptoto campaigns enable you to send focused messages to improve your medical practice workflows. They ensure that your calendar is always busy and patients are satisfied. 

Is Apptoto Right For You? 

If you are looking for a software that reduces patient no-shows and saves medical practitioners time, Apptoto might be the right choice. The software is ONC certified and HIPAA compliant, keeping your patient data secure.   

Apptoto software is highly scalable, making it suitable for healthcare organizations of all sizes. The software can handle a large number of appointments and messages with ease. Its customizable settings and workflows make it adaptable to different business needs.  

Call our customer representatives if you are still unsure about the software. They will analyze your medical practice’s requirements and help you choose the best software accordingly. 

Apptoto Pricing Plans 

What’s included
  39   /   month
  • Unlimited Manual Messages
  • Unlimited Booking pages
  • 450 automated Message Credits
  • Automate Reminder Messages
  • 10 DLC compliance
  • Reserved Caller ID

Pricing may differ depending on your organization type and needs. Please click the Get Pricing button for a customized pricing guide.


  • Automated appointment reminders
  • Easily accessible anywhere through an internet connection


  • Steep learning curve, according to Apptoto reviews

Apptoto Pricing

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Large Organization

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Apptoto reviews

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