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Aprima EHR offers electronic health records, practice management, and revenue cycle management services supported by good customer support. It is suitable for more than 70 specialties. The software can be customized according to the specialty requirements.

Aprima EHR provides on-premise and cloud-based options to its customers. Doctors can see and enter data either on the Aprima Medical Software or the Aprima mobile application, which is very well known among their clients. 

The organization has a hugely famous EHR switcher program known as Aprima Rescue that offers profound concessions on provider permit charges and on-site training to doctors disappointed with the current EMR vendor. 

Aprima EHR is one of the rare companies with a 17-year history of progress, including certification for Meaningful Use stage 2. Aprima has a fully integrated EHR and Practice Management system, and they've been built on a single database. It uses one of a kind replication innovation to help clinicians work effectively, anytime, anyplace, or without an internet connection.

Aprima's customers can subscribe to the product's financing module to deal with their healthcare practice's financing needs.

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Aprima EHR Advantages: It is web-based, which is why it guarantees the security of files and information over the internet.

Aprima EHR Limitations: A few customers have complained that the customer support is not quite responsive.

Aprima EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

20 Reviews



Regional Health Center

11-50 employees

January 2020


Easy to use and allows customization.

After every update, the software causes issues for some time.


Health, Wellness and Fitness

11-50 employees

October 2019

The system is good

It is taking care of the issue of online record saving for my office. Its various tabs assist you with monitoring the data you have to record for every patient. It has the ability to monitor an enormous assortment of data on every patient. It keeps data efficient.

The system is overwhelming, especially for new users. I’ve been using this software for two years now and I am still in the process of learning new things. It would be great if they include a notes section where every individual can log when they talked to the patient etc, it would make things a bit easier.


Regenexx LLC

51-200 employees

July 2019

Aprima Review

This product is easy to use and extremely reliable. It is user-friendly, I can say that because I taught myself this tool and navigating through has been simple as well. My overall experience with this tool has been great.

Aprima should have an online version so that updates would be easier for us.


Alpine Woods Medical

2-10 employees

April 2019

Pathetic customer service

We use Aprima for a House Call practice. It has a few nice features to offer like the ability to get a directions map when clicked onto the patient’s location in the system.

The company provided contact number is almost always unreachable. Whenever I have any issues, their customer service call won’t go through and I cannot even leave a message for the complaint because the operator always, always says that the voice mail is full and cannot take new messages. This is appalling and frustrating and very unprofessional of Aprima customer support team.


Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center

201-500 employees

January 2019

Unresponsive and unprofessional staff

Communication with other departments and vendors is easy with this EHR system. It integrates well with third-party software, the facility of faxing from within the system is a plus point. That is about the extent of the good things I can think of.

The entire software is sloppy and leaves much to be desired. The platform lacks some basic key features, like auto-save, and the ability to add error checks and stops. From the swarm of unnecessary tabs and categories (that you cannot even hide) cluttering up what should have been an easily comprehensive documentation process, to the painful slowness and frequency of halting/crashing, to the unusual word processing bugs - this product has dramatically increased our documentation time and added to the labor rather than easing our practice. A total scam for an EHR system.


Family Medicine Associates, PA

11-50 employees

January 2019

Customer support is a joke

We started with Aprima some three years ago, at first the system seemed very promising. We were sold on the ease of use it offered, with so many features and options for everything compared to the EHR system we were using at the time. Although they do have much more to offer but all goes to waste when we cannot get any help from the company.

Anything and everything that this software may have to offer is overshadowed by the company's incompetent customer support. In fact, calling them incompetent might be an understatement. It might as well be non-existent. They are completely resigned from showing any concern regarding the problems. The only way they MIGHT respond to your complaints is if you email their supervisor or managing bodies. They have zero concern for their clients once they have signed the contract.



11-50 employees

December 2018

They really need to work on customer support

My experience with Aprima has been dissatisfactory. Although, the system does offer ease of use. Some features like charting ROS/DS/PE/plans are fairly simple and convenient. The system allows you to save patient notes and frequently used drugs at the end of every day.

Their customer support is a complete nightmare. There are far too many glitches and bugs in every corner of the system. The screen gets stuck and crashes ever so often, the entire unsaved progress disappears requiring you to restart the program and repeat the process all over. There are too many tabs and fields and pointless charting. More than one user cannot be in the notes at a time which is very inconvenient.



501-1,000 employees

December 2018

Unsatisfactory. Not user-friendly at all

The Aprima EHR software provides a decent platform for large patient database collection. The reports are, however, often too unnecessarily huge that they would slow down the system processing speed when you would run them. The system does not have many pros, or so has been the case in my experience with it.

Ease of user is among the key qualities of a good EHR system, Aprima EHR and Practice Management systems are the most non-user-friendly systems I have ever used. It is so hard to navigate, impossible to figure out how to customize the few features that do have the customization option by some chance. The whole system is predominated by inconsistency. The charting option is spotty because of its poor design. The entire software has awful UX/UI design. The chart notes have a layout that doesn't allow them to work in a manner that medical health providers are accustomed to.


NeuroCare Rehab Dallas

11-50 employees

May 2018

Knowledgeable team

It is reasonably priced for a very small program. They provide on-site training and web training. The system is able to bill UBO4 and HCFA.

60 day turn out time period was excessively far out for us to think about it as a possibility for our exceptionally small program.


Associates in Family practice

11-50 employees

February 2018

One of the most user friendly EHR's in the market

I know a lot of medical offices hate their EHR but we are quite content with ours. All our providers have found it easy to learn and use, even the ones who do not type very well

The financial reports are fine. Clinical report section leaves a lot to be desired.

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