Aria Oncology EHR Software

The Aria Oncology by Varian is a feature-rich health information system providing all the tools that an oncology practice requires to manage the different aspects of the medical history of a patient. It supports a multi-disciplinary approach to oncology treatment by combining radiology, medical and surgical information on a single EMR software platform. Aria EHR is responsible for all the patient information and image management, from the initial diagnosis to the following treatments. The image reviewing system supports MV, kV, conventional CT, CBCT, MR and PET images. It manages the clinical, administrative and financial activities of a patient providing the team easy access to patient records, schedules, treatment plans, etc. at any time.

Aria Oncology Information System is certified by ONC-ATCB. It recently updated to a V15 version which provides encryption of data, hence protecting the various spheres of privacy of a patient. The secure login with pre-existing credentials ensures an up to date authentication. The added data guarantees a breach-free and user- friendly experience to the patients.

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