Azalea Health EHR Software

What Is Azaleahealth? 


Azaleahealth is a cloud-based EHR (electronic health records) software that empowers care providers with simplified and seamless technology to boost patient care. It offers an integrated practice management platform for ambulatory services, hospitals, and medical billing companies. The software aims to support your work-life balance for healthcare practitioners by streamlining administrative tasks. 

Azalea Health EHR software simplifies how care is delivered, enhancing the overall patient experience- while minimizing time spent on charting SOAP notes. With efficient EHR, telehealth, and revenue cycle management modules, Azalea Health is designed to optimize workflow and improve your reimbursements. 

What Is Azaleahealth Known For?  

Azalea Health is known for offering functions for almost all areas of healthcare practice. It offers practice management tools, medical analytics features, revenue cycle management services, and a patient engagement suite. Additionally, the software simplifies user experience with its single-platform approach. Azalea Health allows data to be moved between different health departments quickly and securely, improving care coordination.  

Azaleahealth Pricing  

Since you can create customized plans per your specific needs, Azalea Health has no one-size-fits-all pricing option. However, here are the packages you can use as a starting point to design a subscription plan for your practice: 

  • Essentials 
  • Advanced 
  • Premium  
  • Enterprise 

Click on the Get Pricing button above to discuss your pricing options with our sales team.  

Azaleahealth Integrations  

With SMART and FHIR API support for third-party applications, Azalea Health enables you to integrate other healthcare solutions with the EHR. The following are some of the popular integrations used with the EMR software: 

  • Gigabark 
  • Labcorp 
  • Signal Health 
  • DrFirst 
  • Updox, and others  

How Does Azalea Health Work?   

After logging in to the dashboard, you can start navigating through the features and functionalities. Here’s how you can get started with Azalea Health:  

  1. Create patient records by entering their basic information in the "Patients" section. 
  2. Then enter the medical history and insurance information in the "Encounters" tabs. 
  3. After that, you can view detailed patient records like medications, allergies, lab results, etc. 
  4. You can also access the patient's demographics, clinical information and insurance coverage for billing purposes. 
  5. Navigate to the "Payments" section for setting up payment rules, payers and contracts.  
  6. The documentation feature creates customized templates for different conditions. 
  7. The "Reports" section will allow you to view real-time analytics, generate reports and access patient data.  

The Azaleahealth demo will help you understand the process in detail. Why not view it by clicking on the Watch Demo button?  

Who Is Azalea Health For?  

Azalea Health's solutions are designed to streamline administrative tasks, improve patient care coordination, and optimize financial performance.  The software's EHR services are designed for healthcare providers, including physicians, medical assistants, and nurses. Azalea Health supports: 

  • Ambulatory practices 
  • Rural health clinics 
  • Billing companies 
  • Critical Access Hospitals, etc. 

The software can be used to manage several specialties, including: 

  • General practices 
  • Behavorial health  
  • Family medicine, and more 

Azalea Health Features  

The following AzaleaHealth features can aid you in increasing efficiency and improving patient care: 

  • Charting 
    The charting feature of Azalea Health enables you to create patient histories and enter clinical information quickly. With the ease and speed of this feature, you can provide accurate treatment decisions.  
  • Patient Portal 
    The patient portal feature allows you to communicate with patients through secure messaging. You can also share educational materials and resources with your patients via this feature. 
  • Customizable Templates 
    Azalea Health offers a range of templates that you can use for different patient conditions. The templates allow you to create customized treatment plans for each patient. 
  • Telehealth 
    The telehealth feature of Azalea Health makes it easy to conduct virtual appointments with patients. You can also view patient records in real time during the session and record notes. 
  • Analytics 
    Deliver actionable insights with better tools for better results. With the analytics feature of Azalea Health, you can access comprehensive reports and analyze patient data to make informed decisions. 

Is Azalea Health Right for You?  

If you're looking for an easy-to-use cloud-based healthcare software that helps your practice run smoothly and efficiently, then Azalea Health is the right choice for you. With its range of features, the software can help you improve patient care and streamline your workflow.  

With the ability to serve rural and critical access hospitals, Azalea Health is the perfect choice for providing care to an underserved population. Try out a demo or check out the Azaleahealth reviews to see if it is the right software for your practice.  

Azalea Health Pricing Plans

  • Essentials
  • Advanced
  • Premium
  • Enterprise
What’s included
(Essentials Plan Features)
What’s included
(Advanced Plan Features)
What’s included
(Premium Plan Features)
What’s included
(Enterprise Plan Features)
  • Practice Management Software
  • Patient Demographics Import
  • Standard Implementation
  • Insurance Eligibility Verification
  • Code Check
  • Claims processing
  • Automatic Remittance Posting
  • Paper Statements + eStatements
  • Patient Portal
  • Credit Card Processing Ready
  • Financial Analytics
  • Patient Scheduling Module
  • Everything in Essential
  • CMS Certified EHR
  • Clinical Data Import Included
  • Charting Module
  • Telehealth Software
  • Direct Messaging
  • ePrescribing + EPCS + PDMP
  • Clinical Analytics
  • LabCorp / Quest Interfaces
  • Electronic claim attachments
  • Everything in Advanced
  • Professional Package
  • Interfaces (Up to 5 file types)
  • Precertification Services
  • Integrated Dictation
  • Perfect for Health Systems
  • Health Information System Ready
  • Unify your Clinics and Hospital
  • Connects Networks, Hospitals, and Outpatients
  • AzaleaOne

AzaleaHealth pricing differs depending on your practice type and needs. Please click on the “Get Pricing” button below to get a customized pricing guide. 

Azalea Health EHR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • Cloud-based platform that makes data access and sharing easy
  • Range of templates for different patient conditions
  • Telehealth feature to conduct virtual appointments
  • Analytics feature to deliver actionable insights
  • Intuitive user interface that makes navigation easy


  • Some features can get glitchy at times
  • No lock on sheets, duplicates data

Today's most popular FAQs

Azalea Health solves what problems, and how does that benefit you?

Hospitals, community-based healthcare organizations, and ambulatory care settings were all targeted when creating the health care modules that make up Azalea Health. It optimizes workflow.

Does Azalea Health offer an API?

No, Azalea Health does not have an API available.

Does Azalea Health support mobile devices?

Azalea Health supports the following devices: Android, iPad, and iPhone.

What do you like best about Azalea Health?

Azalea's EMR is the third I have used, and I believe it is the best. It is very user-friendly and adaptable, and the support team is amazing.

What level of support does Azalea Health offer?

Azalea Health offers the following support options: Knowledge Base, 24/7 Live Rep, Chat, Email/Help Desk, and Phone Support.

What other apps does Azalea Health integrate with?

Azalea Health integrates with the following applications: Sfax.

Azalea Health EHR Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Outside Budget

Azalea Health EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

26 Reviews



Celebration Orthopedics & sports Medicine


December 2022

Promising service by a great company

I love how easy to navigate and intuitive the entire platform is. All the functionalities in Azalea Health are simple and efficient. The company is always working to introduce innovative tools to further ease their clients' practice. there is high scope for customization which makes it a good choice for specialty practices. You can create your own templates or choose from the variety of pre-built ones. azalea health is futuristic and it’s helping us get accustomed to the future of healthcare technology.

There are still some features that need brushing up. their e-faxing is not entirely efficient. s-fax is slow and not fit for busy clinic work.


Athens Bone and Joint

11-50 employees

November 2022

Really good emr

This software is easy to use and it requires no or little knowledge of computer training. This software is flexible to many facts and able to figure by user design.

".It takes little time to adopt This software is formally designed, not very relevant to our routine It uses a little bit memory".



11-50 employees

October 2022

Working with azalea

I am using azalea software and it has been around 1 year. I love working with azalea. It is very easy to handle posts and to find patients.

Sometimes when I put patient’s complaints and codes the amount of the charge does not mass.


Celebration Orthopedics & sports med

11-50 employees

September 2022

Perfect for small practice

There is not about Azalea Health EHR software that I do not absolutely love. They have picked the best vendors and companies to partner with and they bring so much ease into our practice.

There is no flaw in the software itself but the e-fax and the company that is responsible for verification and reminders for appointments could do better.


Siouxland Adult Medicine

11-50 employees

June 2022

Sloppy and ineffective

The company staff is courteous and helpful. Although they are relatively a small company so availability can be an issue. The facility oh having an EMR and EHR in one system is a plus.

MIPS is practically impossible to do with the reports accessible on the system. if only there was better adaptability in terms of what data you need when running reports. A few reports aren't entirely comprehensive. Numerous estimates aren't accessible through Azalea so there’s only limited things you can do with it. We figured out how to get past MIPS by going through a third-party organization and entering a great part of the data one patient at a time. Billing system is awful and full of errors resulting in countless unsatisfied and angry patients. Payments are often sent without fully processing insurance. Sometimes medicAid patients would be sent bills. The whole system is predominated by sloppiness.


Cedar Family Practice

2-10 employees

March 2022

Up to date

Azalea Health is easy to use and is user-friendly as well. Their customer support team is responsive and always ready to help. Setting up azalea was a bit of a mess as our requirements were a bit different, so we had to customize it. The providers are satisfied with this EHR.

The billing area has a few bugs and we’re trying to get it fixed. The medication refills require another application to do it.


Neurology Outreach Clinics

2-10 employees

March 2022

Excellent, User Friendly

This software is easy to use and lack of difficulty in the performance of the program. This software has all qualities and customers support responds quickly.

The software doesn’t show the name of the person from whom the fax is. It would be better if this feature was available in the software.


Cedar Family Practice

2-10 employees

January 2022

Azalea is easy to use

The reality is that this software is easy to use and the software is technically more feasible.

After updates sometimes the changes are not quite visible. They also take extra charges or payments for the new features. The rest is fine.


South Georgia Eye Partners

51-200 employees

January 2022


This software is easy to show multiple offices arrangements. Its making it easy to arrange meetings with patients without calling them to a particular office within the same routine.

Unauthorized system of payments.


Physical Therapy Concepts

2-10 employees

November 2021

Patient statements are pathetic

The billing system doesn’t meet my clinic need.

The software is slow and difficult to use

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