Behaviorsoft Software

What is Behaviorsoft Software? 


Behaviorsoft, now known as CR Essentials, is a cloud-based software and practice management solution designed to assist small- to medium-sized behavior therapy clinics with their practice management needs, including data collection and analysis, scheduling, billing codes, and other workflows. It is used for ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). 

The software allows practices to automate routine daily tasks and focus more on providing better patient care. Behaviorsoft Software offers robust features like e-signatures, an integrated calendar, billing, client scheduling, payroll reporting, human resource management, and a patient portal. 

What is Behaviorsoft best for? 

Behaviorsoft is easy-to-use and user-friendly software that simplifies practice operations and medical data collection. Physicians can enter all patient information without any difficulty, as the software does not have a steep learning curve. The efficient and intuitive user interface has a simple layout that does not require any training to get started with. 

Additionally, Behaviorsoft makes billing easier by automating claim submission and handling revenue cycle management. This saves time and promotes going paperless, which also means error-free billing. 

Behaviorsoft Pricing 

Behaviorsoft offers two pricing plans for users that depend on the size of the practice. These are: 

  • Startup Package 
  • Small Business Package 

For further information regarding subscriptions and the pricing model, click the Get Pricing button above. One of our customer sales representatives will help you choose a plan that aligns with the needs of your practice and clinical staff. 

Behaviorsoft Integrations 

There is no information available on Behaviorsoft integrations. 

How does Behaviorsoft Software work? 

Here are the steps practitioners can follow to get started with Behaviorsoft: 

  • Purchase a suitable subscription. 
  • Set up your account. 
  • Input basic information about your clinic. 
  • Create client profiles and enter their information. 
  • Customize your data collection by selecting specific behaviors that work best for you and your clients. 
  • Train your staff on how to use Behaviorsoft. 
  • Review and analyze the data, and adjust as necessary. 

A free trial of the software is also available. However, if you still want more guidance, you can always schedule a free demo available. Click on the Watch Demo above for a live, one-on-one session with our customer representative. 

Who is Behaviorsoft Software for? 

Behaviorsoft software is suitable for practitioners and clinicians working in behavioral health and therapy clinics. The HIPAA-compliant tool offers services for the following specialties: 

  • Mental health 
  • Behavioral Health 
  • Psychiatry 

Therapists can set short-term goals (STOs) using different types of problem behaviors and specific details about how they look. They can also decide how often data is collected, how long it takes to change the behavior, and other things. Behaviorsoft is suitable for the following types of practices: 

  • Small 
  • Independent/Solo 
  • Mid-sized 

Behaviorsoft Features 

  • Clinical Documentation 
    Securely store and review accessible documents using encryption. Automatically convert collected data into data-driven statistics, graphs, charts, and more to easily monitor progress. Simplify data collection, Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) notes, and assessments using user-friendly forms with competency verification. This helps eliminate paperwork and document daily progress notes. 
  • E-Signature 
    The e-signature feature in Behaviorsoft software is designed to streamline the documentation process, reduce paper usage, and increase efficiency. With this feature, users can sign documents such as treatment plans, consent forms, progress notes, and other important documents from anywhere at any time. 
  • Patient Scheduling 
    Behaviorsoft software has a scheduling feature that makes it easy for providers to keep track of their appointments and schedule their clients' treatment plans. This feature includes an easy-to-use calendar that shows all appointments, both those that are still to come and those that have already happened. Users can easily add, reschedule, or cancel appointments and set up automated reminders for both the provider and the client. 
  • Billing 
    Behaviorsoft software's billing module allows providers to create and manage invoices and process payments. The software can also generate and submit insurance claims electronically, which can significantly reduce the time and effort required for billing tasks. The solution offers optional billing services and allows credential tracking. It can also be used to manage HR processes. 
  • Caregiver Portal 
    The caregiver portal is a feature of Behaviorsoft software that allows caregivers and family members to access information about their loved one's treatment plans and progress. Caregivers can view scheduled appointments, review treatment plans, and communicate with the provider through secure messaging. 
    The portal can help providers and caregivers communicate better, which can lead to better treatment outcomes eventually. 
  • Payroll Reports 
    Behaviorsoft software's payroll reports feature allows providers to track and manage payroll for their staff. Providers can create detailed reports that show each employee's hours worked, pay rate assignments, and other relevant information. With this feature, practitioners can also keep track of the cash flow. 

Is Behaviorsoft Software Right for You? 

Behaviorsoft is a comprehensive clinical management solution that enables small, independent ABA providers to streamline their daily operations by automating tasks. These include billing, client scheduling, medical data collection, human resource management, payroll, and other related activities while maintaining a secure environment. 

It is important for software to cater to the needs of your practice. So, if you are a physician looking for a behavioral health and practice management solution, Behaviorsoft could be worth a try! If you are still unsure about the tool, click the Watch Demo button above to get a teaser of how the software operates. 

Behaviorsoft Software Pricing 

  • Startup
  • Small Business
0 / month
59 / mo/user
What’s included
(Startup Plan Features)
What’s included
(Small Business Plan Features)
  • Dedicated English-Spanish support
  • No contract, no commitment
  • HIPAA-compliant all-in-one platform for scheduling, authorization management, billing, and data gathering.
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Ensure that your entire organization is onboarded and trained.
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Credit card processing that is PHI compliant via the Caregiver Portal.


  • (+$5 per user) EVV-Mobile Application
  • Modifications to Healthcare Claims Processing
  • LMS stands for Learning Management System.


  • Easy to use and simple layout.
  • Patients can easily get in touch with their physicians through the portal.
  • Amazing customer support.
  • Automated billing saves time and reduces errors.


  • Technical glitches and lags.
  • Needs more updates.

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does Behaviorsoft Software cost?

Behaviorsoft offers two pricing plans for users that depend on the size of the practice. These are: Startup Package and Small Business Package. For more information, click the Get Pricing button above.

Is Behaviorsoft Software cloud-based?

Yes, it is cloud-based software.

What are the main features of Behaviorsoft Software?

Behaviorsoft Software offers robust features like e-signatures, an integrated calendar, billing, client scheduling, payroll reporting, human resource management, and a patient portal.

What level of support does Behaviorsoft Software?

Behaviorsoft offers the following levels of support: e-mail and phone.

Who are the main users of Behaviorsoft Software?

Behaviorsoft software is suitable for practitioners and clinicians working in behavioral health and therapy clinics.

Behaviorsoft Software Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

Outside Budget

Behaviorsoft Software reviews

Overall Rating

4 Reviews



Hospital & Health Care

51-200 employees

May 2023

Used daily for less than 6 months

Behaviorsoft provides exceptional support to us. Despite encountering glitches and difficulties in adjusting to the software during the initial transition, we were convinced to continue working with them due to their prompt response, availability, and ability to offer tailored solutions that meet our specific needs. They have even made modifications to the software based on our requests, demonstrating their professionalism and expertise. We are particularly impressed with [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN].

While there is always room for improvement, we have no significant issues with the software. In the future, we would like to personalize certain aspects, such as how replacements are graphed.


Mental Health Care

2-10 employees

April 2023

Amazing product- Well worth the investment!

Regarding the advantages, I cannot speak highly enough of Behaviorsoft. It is a user-friendly, efficient platform that tracks a wide range of factors. By consolidating several features into one program, it enables better overall therapy. The data tracking capabilities and goal-setting tools are particularly useful. They have eliminated much of the extra work required for developing behavior plans. The session notes are also great, as they are easy for staff to complete, yet provide me, as an analyst, with a wealth of information. Additionally, the billing process is incredibly straightforward, saving me hours of claim creation.

In terms of areas for improvement, the only issue I have encountered thus far is with Medicaid service submissions for initial referrals. I have yet to discover a way to attach documents to send to insurance companies for service approval. Currently, this must be done through the respective portals of each insurance company. If Behaviorsoft could incorporate the ability to send these documents directly to the appropriate insurance companies, it would eliminate some of the extra hassle. As a new company, navigating these approvals was challenging and delayed our much-needed reimbursement.


Medical Practice

51-200 employees

January 2023


Ease of use and collecting data.

No frequent updates.


Hospital & Health Care

2-10 employees

November 2022

Love the software

It's fantastic to have the ability to store both my client and therapist's data in one place and have it automatically monitored. The concept of entering data and having the software generate notes and evaluations is incredible.

It would be great to have the ability to integrate my activity-based therapies into the program as well. I've heard it's being tested in beta, and I'm hoping to participate in the testing group. Additionally, I wish the software could link with QuickBooks to enable accounting to be managed within the program.

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