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BestNotes EHR Software is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) and customer relationship management (CRM) solution for behavioral health and substance addiction practices. The software helps medical practitioners manage their patient intakes, evaluations, queries, admissions, treatments, plans, lab results, medicines, billing, and more. It combines EHR and CRM features into a highly functioning product with the goal of improving user interactions. The key features of the software include a patient portal, practice management, scheduling, drug administration, documentation, e-prescribing, outcome monitoring, lab tracking, and reporting. 

Users of BestNotes EHR Software can utilize their native mobile app to manage chores and increase productivity while on the road. It also includes a full range of customer contacts, from sales to alumni relations. The patient calendar in the software generates billing codes and notes for each visit automatically. 

The HIPAA-compliant platform includes documents created specifically for mental health professionals. It allows users to avoid double data entering and construct treatment plans and group notes more rapidly. Users can follow along with the BestNotes EHR Tutorial and quickly grasp the product's features. Client management, task scheduling, note sharing, and e-signatures are just a few of the features available in their iOS and Android applications. Follow-ups, referrals, sales activity, and continuing consumer contacts are all tracked by the software. Users can also request a BestNotes EHR Demo to get a full overview of the system. 

BestNotes EHR Pricing: The software's monthly subscription plan begins at $50.00 per user. There is no trial version of the software available. The pricing details are as under: 

  • 1-10 users – $50/user/month
  • Additional 11-100 users – $20/user/month
  • Additional 101+ users – $10/user/month

BestNotes EHR Support: The company offers excellent customer support via email and phone. 

BestNotes EHR Reviews:

According to BestNoted EHR reviews, people appreciate BestNotes' training and assistance, with one saying, "Our firm was new to EHR and my team felt pretty frightened. The training and customer service were both outstanding. Very accessible and responsive. We appreciate that they are willing to modify it for our company and that we can import our existing forms. They also had a number of paperwork ready to go that had previously been accredited.” 

BestNotes EHR Pros:

  • BestNotes is an easy-to-use software that helps you simplify your company operations and manage patient data.
  • The software provides free, limitless assistance for training and integration.
  • In addition to creating invoices, statements, and superbills, you can also track payments, among other things. BestNotes also provides assistance with importing data into third-party invoicing systems.
  • The Client Portal is relatively less limited.  Users can now modify intake forms as well as view future appointments through the client portal.

BestNotes EHR Cons:

  • Key scheduling components are missing. Clinicians have no easy method to note when they are available for appointments. To do this, you need to manually “block out” times. Clients do not get appointment reminders. To be honest, many of the applications on the market lack this feature.
  • It is not tablet-friendly. BestNotes currently operates on a modified web browser, requiring you to download and install software on your PC (available for Mac and Windows). They have an iOS app, although the features are limited.
  • It does not offer any software installation alternatives.

BestNotes EHR Software reviews

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