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A product by ZH Healthcare founded in 2008, based in McLean, VA, it has regional offices in India. The software can be used across a wide variety of medical specialties including cardiology, dentistry, ophthalmology, radiology, and general practitioners. Allowing full personalization feature, users can set up the system in a way that proves most productive for their clinical workflow. Taking care of all processes and reporting without having to do it manually. blueEHR Health Platform empowers innovators to build healthcare applications quickly in a cost-efficient way.

blueEHR comes with APIs that can be connected with diagnostic medical equipment and includes individual reporting and billing rules.

Fully compliant with HIPAA and ICD-10, the software is built for over 1,500 users and is available in multiple languages. It has 30 modules covering - Ambulatory Care, Acute Care, Telemedicine and Patient Engagement. BlueEHR software implementation takes only 20% more time than that of comparable systems.

blueEHR Pricing: The pricing is not mentioned on their website; however, it can be acquired upon contacting the vendor. 

Free trial: Does not provide a free trial. However, a demo can be requested. 


  • Integrated Care EHR
  • Telemedicine Software
  • Run Your Analytics
  • Integrated RCM
  • Patient Engagement
  • Behavioral Health EHR

Salient Features: 

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Claims Management
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Confirmation/Reminders
  • E-Prescribing
  • Initial Assessments
  • Inpatient/Residential
  • Medical Billing
  • Multi-Provider Practice
  • Self Service Portal
  • Treatment Planning

Support Types: 24/7 (live rep), Chat.

Customer Types: Doctors, clinics, hospitals, healthcare NGO, health IT companies, FQHC, integrated care, systems integrators, health systems and governments

Devices Supported: 

  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  • On-Premises - Windows
  • On-Premises - Linux

blueEHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

11 Reviews





November 2019

The best EHR

The best EHR software I have come across in the market. The software is completely customizable to your personal needs and usage, It to the point and easy to use. Plus it has great people working in customer support.

I have had no problems with the software.


Alqwayiyah Female College


October 2017

Easily customizable. Love the workflow

My experience with Blue EHR is only limited to a few months but I have had an amazingly pleasant experience using this system. Customization is very easy. The platform is flexible and the interface is very efficient and effective. I love their support staff; they are readily accessible and very helpful.

nothing major. The product offers good value for money and allows medical health providers to have more defined workflows.


TeleHealth Medical Group


May 2017

Reliable for long-term use

I have been using ZH services for the better part of a decade and I have to commend their dedication towards their customers. The management and customer support are extremely responsive. The software itself is very easy to use. I can create custom templates. I love how they have meetings on a weekly basis to brief us on data updates, training physicians for projects like meaningful use and other ways to maximize productivity and workflow.

it’s a hassle trying to connect with other vendors probably because other vendors most have exclusive platforms while Blue EHR is more of an open source one.


Firstcare Medical clinic

11-50 employees

April 2017

Great software

I have been using Blue EHR for over a decade and my experience has been amazing. Some of my favorite things about blue EHR are their documentation, demographics and patient portal. It is really easy to learn to use. The interface is very well laid out. This software is largely to credit for our successful practice. I highly recommend this service to other practices so that they can reap the benefits blue ehr has to offer as well.

the software does not read very well. The way notes transfer to letters to other physicians. I am hoping the company addresses this issue and make improvements in the upcoming upgrades.



2-10 employees

February 2017

Perfect for all practices

I have been very pleased with the system’s performance the entire time I have used Blue EHR. I used the system is free of cost for a year or so and it worked seamlessly. Six months ago, I was asked if I wanted to switch to the recently introduced paid version which I readily agreed to. It is very reasonably priced and offers incredible value for money. You are provided with all the features for all their pricing packages and charge only for the number of users of the software. The staff has been very helpful and friendly throughout the whole process of setting up and implementation. The software is super easy to learn. It is user-friendly and entirely customizable. I love how reliable and efficient it is. Their customer support staff has never failed to help us whenever we’ve had any minor glitches or confusions

none so far. It is a comprehensive solution by a reliable company. Highly recommended.


Park Eye Clinic


November 2016

highly adaptable. Love the workflow

I came across Blue EHR looking for a patient portal facility to be able to have a better connection with our patients. The company people were extremely helpful in setting up the entire system according to our practice requirements. The did that very efficiently so we opted for the whole EHR solution package which they are helping us set up. The system so far looks very promising as it has a lot of helpful features to offer. Absolutely love how totally customizable it is.

I wish they would make it slightly easier to operate. It still works just fine but there are some areas that require some working around to get the task done. Although, they are promising upgrades so I hope that will help.


Medisoft east Africa Limited


April 2016

Love how adaptable blue Ehr is. Perfect for all medical practices

The most outstanding thing about Blue EHR is flexible it is in every aspect. I can customize it completely with no difficulty. The software is very simple to use. Highly intuitive with an amazing billing module. Their customer support is very reliable.

There are a few modules which are not complete when you have to evaluate the system, such as inventory and Investigation orders like laboratory, radiology, and pharmacy.


MEMITS Solutions LLC


April 2016

Very intuitive. Love the staff

the solution offers you the opportunity to completely customize every aspect to your preference. You can do your charting in whichever format. The customer support is great. Always available and willing to help.

The software is entirely cloud-based with no option for an in-house self-hosted version which means it’s totally dependent on the availability of a good internet connection which can be troublesome sometimes.


Balance Medical


April 2016

Love it

My experience with Blue EHR system is of only a few months but I completely love how intuitive and customizable it is. The system is totally hassle-free. The interface is very simple and efficient. The company has some great staff, from sales to customer support, they never fail to satisfy whatever you need help with.

there are some inconsistencies with the printing interface and its whole layout but it works just fine.




March 2016

The best EHR solution I have ever used

Blue EHS is thoroughly comprehensive and surprisingly, super easy to use. The system offers total customization which is very easily achieved. The company staff is amazing. Their customer service is responsive and friendly which is a huge plus point.


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