BlueStrata EHR Software

What is BlueStrata EHR Software? 


BlueStrata EHR is a cloud-based platform that caters to the long-term care industry. The software is currently owned by WellSky, a prominent technology enterprise offering health and community care solutions. 

The platform offers essential functionalities such as core clinical, point of care, eMAR, billing, accounting, and business intelligence. It allows for the secure online storage of crucial medical, financial, and facility-related data.  

What is BlueStrata EHR software best for? 

BlueStrata EHR software is best known for its ease of use and shallow learning curve. While several EHR/EMR systems are difficult to adapt, BlueStrata EHR solves this problem through its straightforward user interface.   

Additionally, the software is well known for its billing feature. BlueStrata EHR software safeguards confidential medical information while processing payments. It speeds up the entire billing process and guarantees safety against the unethical use of personal user data.  

BlueStrata EHR Pricing 

The vendor does not provide any pricing details on its official website. However, you can click the "Get Pricing" button for a customized pricing quotation. 

BlueStrata EHR Software Integrations 

WellSky's interoperability allows providers to seamlessly integrate with hospitals, health information exchanges (HIEs), and accountable care organizations (ACOs). This technology simplifies collaboration across care settings and makes it easy to exchange key continuity of care information such as demographics, orders, vitals, problems, and diagnoses.  

The WellSky I/O framework provides clients with connections to local, regional, and national patient data sources. This helps eliminate fragmentation in post-acute and community care by allowing providers to access a larger network of acute, post-acute, and community care providers in the U.S. 

How does BlueStrata EHR Software work? 

Users can follow these steps to get started with BlueStrata EHR software after successful implementation and installation: 

  1. Complete user training for all staff members who will be using the software. 
  2. Set up user accounts and permissions according to each staff member’s role and responsibilities. 
  3. Configure and customize the software to match your facility’s needs and workflows. 
  4. Import or enter data about patients and residents into the system to make sure that the records are accurate and up-to-date. 
  5. Start using the software's different features and modules, such as the core clinical, point of care, eMAR, billing, and accounting modules. 
  6. Regularly review and update the data in the system to ensure accuracy and completeness. 

For more clarity, click on the "Watch Demo" option to get access to the BlueStrata EHR demo and experience the software firsthand.  

Who is BlueStrata EHR Software for? 

The following departments and organizations use BlueStrata EHR software: 

  • Nursing facilities 
  • Long-Term Care Institutions 
  • Certified Medical Assistants 
  • Clinical healthcare practice owners 
  • Therapy practices 

BlueStrata EHR Features 

  • Electronic Medication Administration Record (EMAR) 
    This feature provides healthcare services with secure and streamlined access to administer medications. Users can eliminate errors in the medication administration process and ensure organization-wide compliance with records and laws regarding sound medication management using this functionality.  
    Through eMAR, nurses can electronically track, upload, and update medication plans while providing educational material regularly to ensure accuracy. The software also offers quick access to emergency medications, physician orders, and staff references for nurses with color-coded alerts and audio-visual aids for improved tracking. 
  • E-Prescription 
    BlueStrata EHR simplifies e-prescription by allowing providers to quickly generate prescription orders and track, review, and modify them as needed. This feature helps reduce markup errors that can happen during manual transcription. 
    It saves the provider time and increases the system’s efficiency overall. With e-prescribing powered by BlueStrata EHR, healthcare practitioners can rest assured that their patients will get the correct prescriptions promptly. 
  • Billing 
    The billing feature of BlueStrata EHR makes it easy for healthcare providers to manage and collect payments. The software supports traditional analysis and grouping of fees for services rendered, speeding up the entire billing process.  
    Security features such as exclusive access control, multi-level audit trails, and encryption capabilities are designed to protect sensitive medical data during payment.  
  • Business Intelligence 
    BlueStrata EHR offers business intelligence solutions that provide real-time insights to help a practice reach its financial objectives. This business intelligence feature allows users to quickly analyze current financial trends of your practice and provide insightful analytics to make better decisions.   The various analytic reports allow healthcare providers to comprehensively view their patient health records and identify patterns related to workflow, business performance, and care models. 

Is BlueStrata EHR Software Right for You? 

BlueStrata EHR Software has achieved ONC-ATCB Certification and fully complies with HIPAA privacy regulations. The BlueStrata team developed their software with the latest security technology, enabling health organizations to easily access solutions for electronic patient records within a secure environment. 

Moreover, you can also click on the "Watch Demo" button to get a detailed view of the software. The demo will allow you to make the best decision about whether it will be worth investing in the software. 

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Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does BlueStrata EHR Software cost?

The vendor does not mention any pricing details about BlueStrata EHR on its official website. You can click the "Get Pricing" button for a personalized pricing quotation.

Is BlueStrata EHR Software cloud-based?

Yes, BlueStrata is a cloud-based EHR solution.

What are the main features of BlueStrata EHR Software?

The main features of BlueStrata EHR software include eMAR, billing, business intelligence, e-prescription, and voice recognition.

What level of support does BlueStrata EHR Software have?

The BlueStrata EHR software has a number of ways to get help, including email, webinars, documentation, and a live customer service representative who is available around the clock.

Who are the main users of BlueStrata EHR Software?

The main users of BlueStrata EHR software include nursing facilities, long-term care institutions, certified medical assistants, therapy practices, and healthcare clinics.

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