Bridge Patient Portal

What Is Bridge Patient Portal Software?  


The Bridge Patient Portal software is a cloud-based solution that combines electronic health records (EHR) with patient engagement features. This comprehensive system enhances treatment outcomes and operational efficiencies for healthcare organizations. With its advanced functionalities, including medical billing, customizable patient forms, secure messaging, and online scheduling, the software replaces existing EHR systems. As a result, healthcare organizations can streamline their patient care processes effectively. 

Bridge Patient Portal Software Pricing  

The software offers flexible pricing options based on your organization’s size and needs. Get a custom quote now

Bridge Patient Portal Software Integrations 

The software excels with HL7 and API-based interfaces, effortlessly linking multiple EHR, RCM, LIS, and RIS systems, including: 

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Who Is Bridge Patient Portal Software For?  

Bridge is an enterprise patient portal for medical practices of all sizes, from solo clinics to large multi-specialty departments, typically used by 

  • Hospitals  
  • Physicians  
  • Patients  

Bridge Patient Portal Software Features  

The software offers the following features: 

  • Bill Pay  

The portal enables patients to securely access billing statements, review itemized charges, and make payments 24/7 using real-time financial information. This enhances transparency, reduces administrative overhead, and improves a patient's financial experience. 

  • Patient Medical Records  

This enhances transparency, reduces administrative overhead, and improves a patient's financial experience. Patients can access their records, review health information, and better understand their medical history. The software offers advanced reports for in-depth data analysis and insights, enhancing the patient's entire care journey. 

  • Patient Forms  

This feature enables healthcare organizations to create personalized electronic forms, including intake, consent, and questionnaires. Patients can effortlessly fill out these forms online, optimizing their time during visits and minimizing manual data entry for staff members. 

  • Patient Education  

Bridge provides patients easy access to essential health information and interactive content, including articles and videos. Bridge engages patients through these resources, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their treatments. 

  • Secure Messaging  

The software provides a single patient engagement solution to improve patient-physician collaboration. Patients can securely message their healthcare team for inquiries, prescription refills, and treatment plan clarifications. Providers can also respond to patient messages, share lab results, provide guidance, and offer support, all within a secure messaging environment.  

  • Remote Patient Monitoring  

This feature allows healthcare providers to remotely monitor patients' health conditions. It allows real-time data collection from connected devices such as wearable trackers, blood pressure monitors, and glucometers. The secure transmission of this data to the portal will enable providers to track trends, manage appointments, identify potential issues, and take proactive interventions. 

Is Bridge Patient Portal Software Right For You?  

Are you a healthcare organization looking to revolutionize your clinical workflows while boosting patient engagement? Look no further than Bridge Patient Portal software. This cutting-edge platform integrates multiple patient-facing technologies into one streamlined, mobile-enabled solution, revolutionizing clinical, operational, and financial performance. 

Bridge Patient Portal connects disparate EHR environments, empowering users to harness powerful patient engagement tools and establish a digital front door. 

With its scalable and HIPAA-compliant platform, backed by the prestigious ONC 2015 Edition Certification, Bridge Patient Portal offers a unified experience for patients and healthcare providers at every stage of the healthcare journey. 

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  • Advanced analytics and reporting features 
  • Initial learning curve for new users, according to some Bridge Patient Portal software reviews  
  • Offer multi-platform access to health, financial and appointment information  
  • Customization complexity for a few advanced features 
  • Empowers patients with self-service options for scheduling and payments  
  • Responsive customer support 

Bridge Patient Portal Features


Appointment Management/Scheduling




Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Customizable Forms/Reports


Document Management


Lab Integration


Online Payments


Immunization And Allergy Tracking


Mobile App




Order Management


Reporting And Analytics


Billing And Invoicing


Insurance Eligibility Verification


Claims Management


Inventory Management


Referral Management




Patient Demographics

Today's most popular FAQs

How does Bridge Patient Portal software help health systems?

Bridge Patient Portal software helps health systems consolidate patient engagement tools within a centralized dashboard to engage patients with automated electronic communication, enhance care outcomes, and boost business profitability.

How much does Bridge Patient Portal cost?

Bridge Patient Portal software offers customizable and flexible pricing plans. Request a personalized pricing quote for your practice today!

Is Bridge Patient Portal software cloud-based?

Yes, Bridge Patient Portal software is cloud-based.

What are the main features of Bridge Patient Portal software?

The main features of Bridge Patient Portal software include secure patient-provider messaging, health information access, patient forms, secure messaging, and a single patient portal solution.

What level of support does Bridge Patient Portal software offer?

Bridge Patient Portal software provides email/help desk, chat, FAQs/forum, and phone support.

Who are the main users of Bridge Patient Portal software?

The main users of Bridge Patient Portal software include medical practices and health care organizations seeking to enhance patient care journey and improve patient experience.

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