TigerConnect Physician Scheduling Software

TigerConnect, formerly known as Call Scheduler, is a physician scheduling software for enhancing the productivity of medical facilities. It improves productivity in nursing facilities, behavioral health, hospice, and ambulatory surgical centers. In addition, this robust solution reduces administrative burnout by automating time off requests, approval, and upcoming shifts.

TigerConnect is compatible with desktop and smart devices, making it easy to handle on-call and shift scheduling operations. Moreover, it runs on an automated scheduling engine bidding farewell to gruesome spreadsheets. Above all, TigerConnect support an intact custom rules builder to fast track scheduling process.  

Key Features

Shift Management

Handling shifts of physicians and nurses is no more a hassle. TigerConnect physician scheduling software simplifies it by offering easy-to-use services. For instance, it provides clickable calendars. These allow instant editing of shift assignments.

With minimal pricing, TigerConnect features a valuable tally reports functionality. This service enables clients to monitor shift assignments. It helps assure fairness in practitioners' shifts and covers holidays and time-offs.

Rule-engine Algorithm

TigerConnect desktop solution presents clients with a rules engine algorithm. It is crafted with the aim of reducing the stress level of schedulers. The algorithm automates the schedule-building procedure from the ground up.

This ensures that the hospital and clinic shifts are equally divided among healthcare providers and nurses. The fair distribution of shifts improves departments' productivity and ensures physician retention with equitable treatment.

Collaborative Platform

TigerConnect encompasses a reputable collaboration tool to enhance team collaboration. This service of TigerConnect makes its pricing plans worth it. Additionally, the collaboration tool is immensely reliable and secure for its compliance with HIPAA regulations. 

Providers can send encrypted messages to each other, sharing patient records and lab results and attaching images. This intuitive solution offers a quick lookup service to message providers or staff by role. Schedulers can see detailed role profiles for emergency calling purposes.

TigerConnect Pricing

The pricing details of TigerConnect are not shared publicly. However, it comes with cost-effective pricing packages. Also, some clients say the pricing plans of TigerConnect are built to handle manager burnout most affordably.

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TigerConnect Demo

This collaboration and scheduling platform connects over 7000 teams. Schedule a demo to see if it meets your criteria to set out on a successful journey.

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TigerConnect Reviews 

Reviews of TigerConnect are quite exceptional. Physicians refer to it as an accessible solution that runs on a modern interface. Reviewers claim that TigerConnect provides high medical coverage with instant scheduling using embedded datasheets. Also, TigerConnect delivers excellent customer support, ensuring easy physician outreach.  

Our Thoughts 

TigerConnect is a simplistic solution providing intuitive templates to help schedulers set comprehensive on-call schedules. It uses clickable calendars, custom rules, and embedded messaging to improve healthcare teams' coordination. It is easy to modify sheets and allow instant shift swapping to reduce managers' workloads. Overall, it is a solid choice for schedulers dealing in the healthcare field.

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Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

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