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CAM by Celerity is an electronic medical records software it is a complete mental health management solution that has been designed especially to cater to behavioral health and chemical dependency practitioners. CAM EHR software helps practices with limited or little IT resources to manage their daily workflow easily. The software is well-equipped with a number of useful features and it comes with the option of customization where it can be easily altered by the users according to their own preferences. Forms could be easily configured for users to go to their old record formats. CAM EHR software has a very efficient scheduling module that allows users to schedule providers across a number of locations.

CAM EHR software is equipped with a very intuitive interface that allows users to edit multiple electronic records in the user’s chart on a single screen. The software also comes with Service Rule Management, which allows users to restrict and control the service according to the pre-installed rules there are alerts given to the staff that tells them that the services are being provided outside guidelines. Users can enter into group notes which could be displayed on one screen and they could easily be allotted to different client accounts. Automatic auditing tools help users to review notes and ensure compliance.

CAM EHR software is a cost-effective solution that provides users with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability as the software is HIPAA compliant, The software grants total security of data and information. CAM EHR system is a cloud-based system that could be accessed easily from anywhere.

CAM EHR Software Pricing: CAM EHR software pricing plan for the software starts at $55.00 per month/per user.

Free CAM EHR software Tutorial/Trial: No.

CAM Support: Online support is offered during business hours

CAM USP: CAM EHR software’s billing module is compatible with both UB04 and CMS 1500 forms. Users are allowed to submit 835 remittances and 837 files.

CAM Advantages: Users can enter group notes on one screen and can also assign them to individual client records.

CAM Limitations: Customer care support needs to improve and be more responsive. 

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