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CarePaths is indeed a pathway to success for behavioral health practices. It is an affordable solution built with care for psychiatrists, social workers, and counselors working in private or group practices. CarePaths is a certified EMR that offers comprehensive packages for managing healthcare practices. This IT-driven solution provides a pack of billing tools to boost the revenue of psychiatric practices.  

Adding to it, CarePaths EHR seamlessly connects providers with patients and extends coordination to expand the continuum of care. It reduces the administrative burden of clinicians to help them deliver better care by staying focused. This multi-provider solution brings forth tech-intensive services to add value to clinical settings. Being a competitive behavioral health solution, the vendor streamlines the overall workflow with a flick of the fingers.  

CarePaths Software Features: 

Patient Portal: 

The patient portal of CarePaths EHR software is pretty unique. Not only does it allow for appointment scheduling, but it also offers services to populate patient information into the charts directly. Furthermore, this exclusive vendor uploads clinical summaries on the portal and enables patients to message clinicians regarding their queries. Also, it allows for online payments.  


The telehealth service is even necessary for behavioral health practices. Psychiatrists can set online visits for critical patients who can’t show up for in-person visits. The best part of the virtual care service is that it is available at no additional cost and thus helps improve care quality at a minimal cost. It supports encrypted HD-quality visits to prevent misinterpretation.  

Bills Management: 

CarePaths EMR features an integrated electronic claims submission. Adding to it, the billing module includes a claim tracking service to highlight the status of the claims. Also, there are innovative auto payment posting services to administer best practices to improve revenue. This billing management module even allows automated patient statement creation.  

CarePaths Software Pricing: 

The CarePaths EMR pricing plans are divided into three categories; private practices, non-profit organizations, and education. The private practice category is further divided into three plans; solo practice, group practice, and enterprise. It starts from $49/month for full-time practitioners and even offers a 30-day free trial. 

CarePaths Software Demo: 

The CarePaths demo is available on the web. The vendor offers an elaborative tutorial so medical professionals can understand how CarePaths EMR is better than its competitors.  

CarePaths Software Reviews: 

The reviews of CarePath EHR are also of great significance as users have shared their opinions about its services. Besides that, the clients state that CarePaths EMR software features a digital front door to simplify patient intake. Above all, the reviews of CarePaths EHR depict that it offers standardized clinical summaries to handle patient encounters efficiently.  

Our Thoughts: 

CarePaths EHR software is an intuitive solution that tends to a range of behavioral health practices. Moreover, its measurement-based clinical services boost patient satisfaction to nurture smooth interactions. This is a solid investment for medical practitioners seeking efficiency in their mental health practices for an affordable cost.  

Today's most popular FAQs

Is Carepaths EHR software available for free?

No, but Carepaths EHR software offers a 30 day free trial.

Which medical department prefers CarePaths EHR Software?

Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers, and Counselors Working in Private Practice, Group Practice and Health Systems


CarePaths EHR Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

CarePaths EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews


Claudia K.

Clinical Psychologist

1-10 employees

November 2022

I absolutely loved those templates and video therapy services!

The thing I like the most about the application is its note template functionality. This service has benefitted me a lot, as I no longer need to fill out the doctor's notes on paper. It was a highly time-consuming process that required a lot of effort as well. Thanks to the app, I can now fill out doctor's notes and submit insurance claim forms relatively easily. Adding to that, the video therapy services helped me deal with my patients efficiently. There are many instances where I’m not within the same proximity of my patients, and thereby, this service comes in quite handy in those moments.

I opted for a part-time therapist payment procedure when I was initially introduced to it, and the plan was working well for me until the software stopped providing the package. Unfortunately, the CarePaths EHR software does not provide a part-time package anymore. This has hugely impacted my monthly payments, and I have noticed a sudden rise in them. Secondly, the software must provide the option for double signatures on the consent papers of the clients. Therefore, I have to make two separate accounts for the couples, which is just some extra effort and time spent on a thing that could be solved easily. I would appreciate it if the upcoming versions of the software added this functionality.

Anna M.


1-50 employees

November 2022

Absolutely exceptional and phenomenal experience!

CarePaths EHR software is an excellent tool for medical organizations. Even though I run a small clinic, the tool has been quite beneficial and affordable for me. The thing I like most about the application is its templates. The free note template provided by the software is one of the greatest solutions it has provided. Considering the number of patients, I meet; the note template has been quite beneficial and timesaving as well. Additionally, the free assessment tool and the ease with which the application allows me to prescribe are other exceptional features of the application.

There were only one or two times when I had to reach out to the customer support team to resolve a few queries, and that was not a very pleasant experience for me. I found the customer representatives to be a little untrained, with crammed-up standard responses. The customer support staff should be given proper training on how to deal with clients. They should be reading out the help tickets, which would be much more beneficial for users like me than giving the same usual and pointless answers.

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