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What is Casamba EMR? 


Casamba Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is a cloud-based software platform designed to simplify operations for healthcare providers. This web-based application helps providers reduce manual tasks by automating workflows, simplifying patient data entry, and providing access to records from anywhere with an internet connection. 

What is Casamba EMR best for? 

The platform provides secure access to patient records, including medical histories, medication lists, allergy lists, lab results, and diagnosis codes. With the integrated analytics tool, users can track financial information such as claims, payments, and denials. Additionally, Casamba also offers automated quality checks for claim reviews, data validation tools, and appointment reminders for patients. 

The software integrates with major electronic health record (EHR) programs like Epic, Cerner, and AthenaBilling, which allows providers to securely share patient data between departments or organizations. It is best known for its e-signature capability as well. This allows easy and secure management of reviewing and signing documents for clinicians. 

Casamba EMR Integrations 

Casamba software integrates with a lot of different applications and software. All the integrations have been listed on the official website. Some of the top Casamba EMR integrations are: 

  • Athena Billing 
  • Epic 
  • Cerner 
  • Centricity 
  • Allscripts 
  • Greenway Health 
  • Meditech 
  • Physiotech 

By integrating these applications with the Casamba platform, users can reduce time spent on manual tasks and improve efficiency by streamlining their workflow. The software integrations make it easier for providers to access patient records, track claims, and review financial information quickly and securely. Additionally, many of the integrations are customizable, so users can tailor them to fit their specific needs. 

Casamba Pricing 

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How does Casamba EMR work? 

  1. Before starting the implementation process, it is important to define the scope and desired outcomes of the project. This step includes developing a plan for data organization, business processes, and workflow, as well as establishing goals for success. 
  2. The next stage is to configure the application according to user needs and preferences. This includes setting up clinical workflows, patient information forms, document templates, and other custom features according to provider specifications. 
  3. Following initial configuration, users must be trained on how to use the software platform effectively and efficiently. This includes teaching users how to access patient records securely and update system settings as needed. 
  4. Once all desired configurations are set up and users have been adequately trained on using the platform, validation testing is required to ensure that all changes have been correctly implemented before going into production with live data input. 
  5. After validation has been completed successfully, providers can begin using Casamba in their daily operations with live data input from patients or other providers. It is important that any potential issues are addressed quickly during this time period so that optimal performance can be maintained throughout the product's lifespan. 

Who is Casamba EMR for? 

Casamba is designed for use by healthcare providers such as hospitals, medical practices, urgent care centers, and physician groups. This cloud-based software platform helps streamline many of the administrative tasks necessary to provide quality patient care, including managing patient records, tracking financial information, and automating workflow. This will help you save time and also handle your business in a more efficient way. 

The platform can be used to manage a variety of different types of healthcare facilities, including: 

  • primary care practices 
  • specialty care clinics 
  • home health agencies 
  • long-term care facilities. 

Casamba Features 

Some of the key features of the software are: 

  • Scheduling 
    The scheduling feature offered by Casamba EMR helps you create schedules in order to handle and manage treatment plans. It also aids in meeting regulatory requirements. Moreover, you can also filter schedules by utilizing parameters such as provider, patient, and specialty. 
  • E-signature 
    This feature is quite important and worth appreciating because it allows clinicians and medical practitioners to review and sign documents electronically. It further allows them to connect easily and securely, sharing information with patients without any delays. 
  • Patient Engagement Suite 
    The patient engagement suite is a great feature in the therapy option as it improves the patient experience. So that you may spend more time with patients and streamline the collection of patient reviews, their marketing, and online reputation management. Optimize your web directories to make it more likely that potential patients will choose your clinic over your competitors'. By offering advice, inspiration, and pointers for at-home care in between sessions, keep patients on track and encouraged throughout their treatment. Use their preferred mode (SMS or email) to communicate with your patients in a timely and tailored manner. 
  • Quality Monitoring 
    Casamba's analytics tool provides advanced metric monitoring capabilities that help providers assess the quality of care they're providing their patients with greater precision and efficiency. 
  • Easy Documentation 
    Utilize mobile devices to capture and instantly communicate health information, including treatment plans, diagnoses, vitals, and more, at the point of care. Design unique clinical routes and objectives to deliver consistently compliant services. 

Is Casamba EMR right for you? 

Whether or not Casamba Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is right for you depends on your needs and preferences as a healthcare provider. Casamba offers a wide range of features designed to help streamline workflows and increase efficiency in medical practices. However, some of the features may not be relevant to your specific practice, so it is important to take the time to consider which features are truly necessary before investing in the software platform. 

Additionally, if you plan on sharing data with other providers or organizations, you should also ensure that Casamba integrates with the specific EHR systems that those organizations use in order to ensure that data can be securely shared between departments. 

By carefully considering these factors, you can determine whether or not Casamba EMR is the right choice for your practice. 

Casamba Pricing 

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Today's most popular FAQs

How much does Casamba Software costs?

Pricing has not been shared publicly by Casamba Software. It offers a free trial for its users. You can also get a custom quote by contacting the vendor.

Is Casamba Software cloud-based?

Yes, it is cloud-based.

What are the main features of Casamba Software?

The main features of Casamba Software are: Scheduling, Documentation, Billing, Reporting, Electronic Signature

What level of support does Casamba Software?

It offers Live Support, phone, email, training and tickets.

Who are the main users of Casamba Software?

The following are the typical users of Casamba EMR: Startups,SMEs,Agencies,Enterprises

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