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CentralReach software is a practice management and electronic health records software that has been specially designed to cater to behavioral health practices. CentralReach helps clinicians to ensure positive results for people with autism. The software is a cloud-based platform that enables it to be accessed remotely from anywhere. CentralReach software is used by a large network of practitioners of about 65000 in number. The software is well equipped with a number of useful features such as client scheduling, medical billing, patient credentialing, employee training, reporting, staff onboarding, insurance claims, and a patient portal controlled through a centralized system enabling easy communication. CentralReach has been designed to improve the quality of care as users can easily gather data online or offline both by the use of CentralReach that allows users to create custom treatment plans.  

The software includes the option for generating customized forms that can be converted into customized templates to be used by the users. CentralReach software offers a complete solution for practice management and also Centralreach Billing services. Users can match staff and client availability using the software’s integrated scheduling system. The software is compatible with iOS and Android both and has an app from which it could be used remotely.

CentralReach Pricing: Not available.

USP: The scheduling module of CentralReach links to preloaded authorizations, appointment reminders, and secure client and team messaging.

CentralReach Support: Support is offered online during business hours.

Product Advantages: Users can keep track of their payroll by using the CentralReach reporting module which offers real-time billing accruals.

Product Limitations: The platform is not so user-friendly.

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