Cerner EMR Software

Cerner EMR Software is the US leader in healthcare information technology, offering a comprehensive, integrated platform to manage large hospitals’ clinical and administrative requirements. It ranks among the top two healthcare IT providers along with Epic.

Cerner EMR Features

Intuitive Software: Cerner thinks that there are two active parties in the healthcare arena: the patient and the doctor. So, Cerner interacts with real doctors when building software to gain insight into what makes the software easy to use in the clinical setting.

The goal is to design software that doctors and patients alike will enjoy. Cerner also recognizes the reality of physician burnout and provides strategies to tackle the burnout epidemic in physicians worldwide.

Improved Patient Involvement: According to Cerner EMR reviews, the software offers services that enhance patient involvement. Cerner software believes that patients have the right to be more involved in their care and thus, provides a patient portal to help them do so.

Patients can use the cloud-based portal to securely share messages with their doctors, schedule appointments, examine their health data, request refills, and submit crucial files or information to their providers. You can also use the portal to disseminate educational and awareness resources that clinicians can utilize to better educate their patients about medical issues.

Interoperability: When linking healthcare environments to provide efficient and seamless patient care, interoperability is a critical element that distinguishes an EHR solution. Cerner makes the most recent health data updates available to doctors.

With what you learn from your EHR, you may spend less time studying the most recent medical data and more time giving the best possible care to patients. This will enable you to make more educated decisions about each patient.

The CommonWell Alliance, which you may integrate with the Cerner EHR software, can assist you in facilitating interoperability with a nationwide network of healthcare facilities. According to users, this robust feature helps you identify patients between referrals and tracking documents you require, even if you did not provide the care at your office.

Enhanced Clinical Documentation: Cerner's clinical documentation tool is meant to fill out patient data and confidential information as simply as possible. For example, Cerner EHR allows you to take notes through verbal narration because the program can convert them to a text-based format. This simplifies things

for you and makes collecting patient data much more accessible. You can navigate through this feature during the Cerner EMR demo.

Cerner Mobile App: Everything nowadays is about convenience, and the main reason people adopt so much technology into their life is to make things easier. Cerner EMR software includes a fantastic mobile app that you may use on your mobile devices to check patient charts, request orders, evaluate diagnostics, and much more.

Essentially, the mobile app allows you to control and access any function in your EMR that you could previously do on-site. Many Cerner EMR reviews emphasize how valuable the app's convenience is!

Pre-built Templates: The software provides a multitude of pre-built templates from which you can select and determine whether or not they meet your requirements. Because so much time in medical practices is spent filling out forms, finding EMR software with a template you like is critical.

Revenue Cycle Management: The revenue cycle management tool enables you to enhance your productivity while also controlling your spending in your medical practice. It analyses your money and tells you where you're falling short and where you need to improve.

Cerner EMR Software Modules

Cerner EMR software is divided into three modules;

  • PowerChart Ambulatory EHR
  • CareTracker by Cerner
  • Cerner Millenium.

A PowerChart Ambulatory solution by Cerner is certified by the ONC-ATCB and Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2. It is ideal for independent practices, ambulatory practices, or primary care facilities. Cerner’s PowerChart Ambulatory EHR offers many helpful tools that set it apart from others.

Some examples of noteworthy features are dynamic documentation, dragon voice recognition, chart search, registry worklist, and e-prescription. PowerChart Ambulatory EHR also features PowerChart Touch, a mobile app for physicians to manage their clinical and administrative tasks.

Also, CareTracker by Cerner is an EMR solution designed for long-term care facilities, assisted living centers, retirement houses, and special care facilities.

Lastly, Cerner Millennium is the 3rd EMR module offered by Cerner and is designed for large enterprise healthcare providers with multiple departments & specialties. For example, large hospitals.

Cerner also offers other solutions, such as a practice management solution that helps simplify patient registration, scheduling, tracking, accounting, and reporting.

Cerner EMR Pricing: Cerner EMR software pricing isn’t publicly available on their website. However, you can get a custom quote by clicking the ‘Get Pricing’ button above.

Cerner EMR Demo: Click the Watch Demo option on this page to schedule a Cerner EMR demo.

Free Trial: Cerner doesn’t offer a free trial.

Cerner Reviews:

Cerner EHR software Pros

  • According to Cerner reviews, the software is a leader in the market and has the support of specific high-profile clients.
  • The advice it provides has advantages, and Cerner reviews indicate that Cerner EMR cost is worth the value of its benefits to the practice.
  • The software offers both in-house and cloud-based servers.
  • Cerner EMR software has partnered with CoverMyMeds to help improve e-prescription following drug prices. This provides physicians with the most up-to-date information on drugs and cost-effective medications.
  • Cerner EHR also offers an exceptional customer support team.

Cerner EHR Software Cons

  • Cerner software is a powerful solution; yet, users may need to go through a learning curve to fully grasp the software and apply it to the best of their abilities.

Our Two Bits

Cerner has been developing health care solutions for the last 40 years, leveraging its technology to help clinics worldwide. The goal of this company is to enable the community to take charge of its health via the use of innovative processes.

Cerner gives practitioners and doctors the information to run their clinics more efficiently and provide the most significant care according to modern standards. In addition, the software

provides access to newly changing knowledge to improve patient experiences throughout these practices.

Cerner EMR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does Cerner EHR costs?

You have to contact the vendor for Cerner EHR pricing as it is not mentioned publicly.

Is Cerner an EMR or EHR?

Cerner is an EHR (electronic health record) software, which is more extensive than an EMR (electronic medical records) software. It includes practice administration, charting, and medical billing, in addition to handling medical records.

What are the main features of Cerner EHR?

Patient portal, mobile app, compliance tracking, voice recognition, billing service, appointment scheduling/cancellation/reminders, e-prescriptions, and much more.

Which platforms does Cerner EHR supports?

Cerner EHR is compatible with Windows, IOS, and Android devices.

Who are the main users of Cerner EHR?

Cerner EHR is mainly used by large hospitals and clinics.

Cerner EMR Software reviews

Overall Rating

81 Reviews





July 2022

Personal Favorite

I have used multiple EMR software but Cerner is the benchmark for me, with a variety of options and features it has to offer.

Sometimes the pages takes time in the opening, however not sure whether that's a problem with the software or my internet connection.


Nursing lab

51-200 employees

July 2022

Good software with a steep learning curve

Cerner does what it's supposed to and is detailed with a lot of features.

Has a steep learning curve so takes a good time to get your hands on it.


Cape Care

5,001-10,000 employees

June 2021

Simple and to the point

A very well organized to the point software with a very friendly UI.

Our Providers did not have anything bad to say about this software.


Turner Medicine


September 2020

Large variety of options

Provides a very detailed and thorough patient chart, it's easily understandable and could be of great help to doctors or the medical facilities.

The learning curve is steep and I wouldn't say its user friendly.



51-200 employees

September 2020

Made my work easy, very useful to use

The program offers a detailed analysis of everything with the ability to customize the forms on how you want them to look which is a great feature, moreover the client support was also very responsive whenever help was needed. Overall it was great for Mental Health Specialty.

The version however that we were using was outdated so it didn't work well for all the departments.


Health Valley

10,000+ employees

September 2020

Fast and simple

Cerner is a simple tool that is of great help, works smooth and fast.

Customer support could be improved I have had experiences where I had communication problems.


Health Special

11-50 employees

September 2020

Love it

Easy to learn, great organization of data, satisfied with the offerings.



Body Solutions

2-10 employees

September 2020

Great navigation

We are able to access everything from anywhere within the software. You do not need to go around various windows to find what you need.

Software is pretty complicated at the backend processes, not understanding and being able to fix problems at the backend sometimes becomes a problem for the frontend users.




September 2020

Really enjoy working on this tool

I love how the software looks, the colors are calm and the in usage navigation of the software is fluent.

I have come across a crashing problem the system sometimes crashes which is extremely annoying while you're working on it.


Grey Density

11-50 employees

September 2020


With a little training and practice, this makes it very easy to document patients and search their documentation up.

A little time consuming to get used to it however this is for every software in the market Cerner was not so difficult, becomes really easy to use after investing some time over it.

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