ChartsPro EHR Software

ChartsPro EHR software is a cloud-based electronic health records system that is an ONC-certified software. ChartsPro EHR system helps users to automate daily workflows and carry out clinical activities with ease by focusing on their healthcare offerings even more. The software is well equipped with a number of features such as e-charting, e-prescribing, lab integration, Patient scheduling, encrypted messaging, templates that come with the option of customization, and patient health records. The software offers 13 different specialty-specific EHR modules for Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Rheumatology, Podiatry, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, and Psychiatry. Other than that the software allows physicians, staff, and nurses to easily upload the documents into the system for better-integrated work and easy communication.

ChartsPro EHR software is compatible with a number of mobile applications, such as iCheckIn (for patient check-in), iRx (for e-prescribing), and iPHR (for viewing patient health records). ChartsPro has a wide network of users and caters to over 60 medical specialties. The software comes with a Care Connector toolbox that enables the patients to get automated reminders and preventive care alerts. The software’s interface enables the software to fetch out pharmacy information, charts, and other client-related data.  A custom dashboard is also available for the users.

ChartsPro EMR software was developed by MTCB, a company that also offers medical billing services. The billing services enable users to automate daily tasks and improve their efficiency.  PracticePro is the name of the practice management software that is provided by the company, PracticePro helps in streamlining the tasks involved in the practice management process.

ChartsPro EHR Pricing:

ChartsPro EHR pricing starts at $1,000 per user/year.


Support is offered via phone and online FAQs.

ChartsPro USP:

Lab results could be directly ordered and received from labs due to the software’s lab integration module.

ChartsPro Advantages:

The software offers a user-friendly interface. The system holds large amounts of patient data and it runs smoothly. It is a viable solution for practitioners who do not have a charting component integrated into their software already.

ChartsPro Limitations:

The customer support staff needs to improve their responsiveness.

ChartsPro EHR Software reviews

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