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ClinCapture is an award-winning electronic data capture solution for healthcare providers and clinical researchers who need help with form management and data capture. Clinical researchers can use the digital platform to streamline data collection, develop study methodologies, and lower clinical trial costs. The most important parts of this EDC software are the progress dashboard, the WYSIWYG form editor, the activity tracking, the risk-based monitoring, the form versioning, and the compliance management.

This feature-rich program includes a powerful reporting tool that enables researchers to analyze data across studies and keep track of their research progress in real time. Patients can also use the system to complete survey forms like visual analog scales, pain intensity diagrams, quality of life, psychological symptoms, and others. The system also has an application programming interface (API) that lets it talk to third-party apps like clinical trial management systems, lab management apps, CDISC mapping tools, and learning management software.

ClinCapture Software includes a translator that supports multiple languages, allowing researchers to enter data in their preferred language into case report forms. Clinical research organizations can easily begin with a free plan and then add-on features as needed using the vendor's pay-as-you-go model.

Key Features

Risk-Based Monitoring

ClinCapture includes a robust risk-based monitoring feature that supports both targeted and partial source data verification. It helps users make sure the quality of a clinical trial by finding, evaluating, tracking, and reducing risks that could affect the safety or quality of the trial.

Data Capture

Users can use this EDC platform to set up automated data validation checks to process captured data for further analysis. It comes with pre-built templates that can be changed to help users make electronic forms for collecting data and add different data fields to those forms.

Third-Party Integrations

ClinCapture software works well with other eClinical systems, such as clinical trial management systems, CDISC mapping tools, IVRS, and ePRO, so that research data can be easily shared for further analysis or reporting.

ClinCapture Pricing

ClinCapture's pricing structure is based on the standard subscription-based model. However, the vendor has not disclosed the specifics of ClinCapture's pricing plans. You can get a custom quote for your clinical research organization by contacting the company.

ClinCapture Demo

By scheduling a demo, you can get a quick visual walkthrough of ClinCapture's functionalities (click the corresponding button above or on this page).

With a thorough ClinCapture Demo, you can try out the product's features and see how they can help your organization.

ClinCapture Reviews

ClinCapture software has received high marks for user satisfaction. The application is frequently praised for its ease of use and abundance of features.

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Our Opinion

ClinCapture is a highly regarded electronic data capture platform that makes it easier for clinical researchers and practitioners to design and implement studies. This enterprise-level software can be useful for people who want to collect and analyze data from multiple clinical studies.

ClinCapture Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

Does ClinCapture Software offer an API?

Yes, ClinCapture has an API available for use.

What Languages does ClinCapture Software Support?

ClinCapture supports the following languages:


What level of support does ClinCapture Software offer?

ClinCapture offers the following support options:

Phone Support, Email/Help Desk, Chat, FAQs/Forum, 24/7 (Live rep), Knowledge Base.

Who are the typical users of ClinCapture Software?

ClinCapture has the following typical customers:

Large Enterprises, Mid—Size Businesses.

ClinCapture Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

ClinCapture Software reviews

Overall Rating

1 Reviews


Marcel G.

Clinical Research

1-10 Employees

December 2022

Easiest CRF creation.

When I saw how easy ClinCapture made the creation of CRFs, I instantly became their client. They have worked so hard to reduce the complexity of its learning process and I can vouch for that. They had allowed me access to all the tools while the contract was still being negotiated, which proved to be fruitful for them, since I got a taste of how well made the CRF module is. I trust the system completely and have done my research on the platform ever since!

There have been occasional issues, as one would anticipate from any EDC system. And I have faced system crashes occasionally. But these issues are trivial and mostly have been fixed on their own or through customer assistance which is excellent. If you opt for the base package then you'll be happy since it will give you access to most of the features. But if you need any extra functionality, like ePro, keep in mind that their will be set-up charge as well as additional monthly expenses.

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