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A2C Medical is an efficient electronic medical records software for occupational, physical, and speech therapy clinics. The application is designed to help therapists manage scheduling, clinical documentation, billing, and reporting on a single dashboard. It offers a host of useful features, such as a waiting list, patient check-in tracker, integrated scheduling capabilities, and electronic flow sheets. Therapists can also rely on the system to automate workflows, optimize efficiency, and reduce inaccuracies within patient data.

The therapy-focused platform comes equipped with a patient portal feature that allows patients to fill out paperwork prior to their appointments, schedule visits, view medical records, make payments, and interact with providers. Its comprehensive suite of revenue cycle management solutions helps users alleviate billing stress by verifying claim submissions and accessing patient billing information in real-time.

Moreover, A2C Medical software provides actionable insights into day-to-day workflows, enabling professionals to make data-driven decisions and improve patient care. It also supports integration with various third-party applications to expand application features and capabilities.  
Key Features

Appointment Scheduling

A2C Medical offers a patient portal feature that enables patients to book appointments, fill out paperwork, pay bills, and request prescription refills. It also helps to get follow-up notifications, and communicate securely with physicians. Moreover, it sends automated appointments reminders and creates multiple views of practice schedules to reduce no-shows.

Revenue Cycle Management

The electronic medical records software empowers therapy clinics to manage finances by reducing multiple data entries, verifying insurance eligibility at the point of care, and billing accurately. Practices can also receive claim status in real-time with customizable reporting and automated mailing functionalities.

Clinical Documentation

The application comes with a complete set of standard OT and PT clinical forms that can be created from scratch or modified, making day-to-day clinical tasks easier for the practice staff. It also features dynamic flow sheets, which help users optimize efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance. 

A2C Medical Pricing

A2C Medical EHR software is available on monthly subscriptions. However, the exact details for the vendor’s subscription plans have not been shared publicly.

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A2C Medical Demo

Click the ‘Watch Demo’ button on this page to book a live demonstration of the software’s core features and capabilities. The comprehensive A2C Medical demo will let you evaluate the product’s core modules in real-time and demonstrate how it will benefit your therapy practice. 

A2C Medical Reviews

A2C Medical Software has received favorable feedback from users. The application is easy-to-use, offers a robust suite of clinical documentation tools, and helps improve patient care, as noted by many reviewers.

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Our Thoughts

A2C Medical is a feature-rich medical software solution that helps therapy clinics streamline daily operations, optimize revenue cycle, and automate workflows to improve the quality of patient care. We recommend that you watch its free demo before investing in the software.

Today's most popular FAQs

Does the application need to be running at all times?

No, you do not have to run the application all the time and can close it while you are not using the software.

How do I install it on a network?

The application is a mobile-based application, which makes it easier to install on any network.

How many employees does A2C Medical have?

It has a total of forty employees.

What level of support does A2C Medical offer?

The software provides great support to consumers via email, help desk, FAQs, forums, chat support, and phone support.

Who are the typical users of A2C Medical?

The typical users of this software include people who need outpatient therapy, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

A2C Medical Software Pricing

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