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CollaborateMD is a phenomenal software that offers practice management and billing services. It practices an out-of-the-box approach of featuring EHR integrations with preferred ad standard partners on customized HL7 interfaces. Basically, CollaborateMD is designed for independent care practices and helps them sort out billing complications. Adding to it, this reliable solution steps up to assist medical staff tackle daunting administrative tasks.  

More than 10,000  providers benefit from CollaborateMD EHR and leverage its functionalities to deliver quality care to over 23 million patients. Additionally, It enables clients to get paid faster with minimal error-induced elements in the revenue stream. Also, this unified platform fosters streamlined workflows, conducts detailed analysis, and helps practitioners gain visual insights into clinical performance.  

CollaborateMD Features: 

Practice Fusion Integration: 

This compact solution features seamless bi-directional integration with PracticeFusion. It smoothly blends the two solutions together for a better patient experience. It adds value to clinical documentation with effective data integration. Moreover, the RCM solution makes the most out of it by cutting down on the need for double entry. Instead, administrators collect data from PracticeFusion EHR to create invoices, manage claims, verify insurance, etc.  

Lab Interfaces: 

Featuring intuitive lab interfaces, CollaborateMD proves that it's way more than a basic billing solution. The vendor offers three lab interfaces with which clinicians can connect to improve care services. QuickDiagnostics, LabDAQ, and LabCorp are the three lab interfaces offered by CollaborateMD software. Practitioners can count on it as patient demographics data is readily populated on these interfaces to get efficient lab results.  

Patient Engagement: 

This service of CollaborateMD is even praised in the reviews. CollaborateMD EHR comes with an impressive patient engagement module to shape care outcomes, increase revenue and reduce no-shows. This patient-centered solution is equipped with an impeccable patient portal, automated patient statements, and in-app credit card processing services. Apart from that, the solution breeds smooth patient-physician communication to engage patients.  

CollaborateMD Pricing: 

The pricing range of CollaborateMD starts from just $194 per provider per month. A starter, basic, growth, and unlimited plans are available for all practitioners. In addition, discounts are provided on low claim volume on all four pricing plans of CollaborateMD.  

CollaborateMD Demo: 

There’s a “Get Demo” option at the top right corner of the CollaborateMD EHR website. Physicians can schedule a one-on-one demo by clicking on it. It's the easiest way to learn how practices can become more efficient by implementing CollaborateMD solutions.  

CollaborateMD Reviews: 

The reviews of CollaborateMD are also quite impressive. The vendor enjoys good reviews, for it offers enhanced collaboration. The fact that it provides a smooth channel for data integration with a range of EHR solutions is simply splendid. For keen insight into this solution's efficiency, consult the CollaborateMD reviews shared below.  

Our Thoughts: 

In our opinion, CollaborateMD software is the best solution for physicians seeking advanced billing services without having to switch their EHR systems. This platform enhances clinical efficiency, boosts productivity, and streamlines the administrative workflow simultaneously.  

CollaborateMD Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

Is CollaborateMD Software only a billing software?

No, CollaborateMD is a medical billing and practice management software.

Who are the main users of CollaborateMD Software?

Office-based Physician Practices, Hospital-Based Practices, and Billing Companies, specialty-specific practices including Cardiology, Urgent Care, Podiatry, Urology, Ophthalmology, Family Medicine, and Internal Medicine. 

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CollaborateMD Software reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews


Bryan Aitchison


5-10 Employees

November 2022

Our practice has never been this smooth!

A friend recommended that I implement CollaborateMD for my private practice. And I am glad I received that suggestion because I no longer have to deal with much hassle with daily administration tasks. I have found the software easy to use, and I like that there are tutorials to help you out. The software has streamlined my billing processes and removed so many complications that were present before. The customer support is also excellent and resolves most issues in a timely manner.

I really like the features of the software, so I guess I am compromising with the drawback I am about to mention. Sometimes, the software freezes. And then it can take some time to restart. At other times, the software will not freeze, but a certain function will. This often wastes my time and can be frustrating. It does not happen too frequently, but the customer support team so far has not been able to provide a concrete solution.

Monica A.

Medical Practice

1-10 Employees

November 2022

A complete practice management solution

CollaborateMD is very good at generating reports with excellent modules, completely synced with each other. I found the software to be user-friendly. There are multiple options to customize the reports to fit your practice. I like that all important demographics, financial, and insurance information is easily accessible through the patient portal. The update schedule is also great. I specifically appreciate that the software updates automatically to provide us with the latest features.

In my experience, it is probably the only software that has a lackluster customer service. They do assist you but can only be reached through a message center. We require rapid assistance so that our workflow isn’t affected but the current helpline consumes a lot of time. Even if you are working on a report which requires urgent technical assistance, you’re put on hold until their team reaches you themselves through a message or phone call. They have added a self-help option, however, but it is not enough, and I occasionally require proper support.

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