Crystal Practice Management Software

What Is Crystal Practice Management Software?


Crystal Practice Management Software is a cloud-based software solution designed to help medical practices streamline their operations and provide better patient care. With features such as scheduling, billing, electronic medical records, patient communication, and reporting, it offers a comprehensive platform for managing all aspects of a medical practice.

With electronic medical records, doctors and staff can access patient records securely from anywhere, providing better patient care and improving communication between providers. The billing feature automates the billing process, generating invoices, processing payments, and tracking expenses, reducing administrative costs and improving billing accuracy. Overall, Crystal Practice Management Software is an all-in-one solution for medical practices looking to save time, reduce administrative costs, and improve patient care, making it an ideal choice for practices of all sizes.

What Is Crystal Practice Management Software Best For?

Crystal Practice Management software is a comprehensive solution for optometry practices that offers advanced record editing tools and record template resources to create and customize medical records efficiently. Its over-the-counter billing services enable users to monitor and track employees' productivity and update stock by standard procedure or billing code accurately. Additionally, the software provides secure electronic claims for almost all insurance carriers, benefiting both patients and clients.

Overall, Crystal Practice Management software is an ideal solution for optometry practices looking to streamline their operations, improve billing accuracy, and provide better patient care. Its advanced record editing tools, over-the-counter billing services, and secure electronic claims make it stand out among its competitors, helping practices of all sizes manage their operations more efficiently.

Crystal Practice Management Software Pricing

Crystal PM provides a one-time purchase option, with the standard version priced at $4995.00 and the In-Office version priced at $9995.00. Custom pricing is available for the Hosted Cloud version. Additional services, such as E-prescribing, Secure Direct Messaging System, VSP integration, AMA license, and FHIR server integration, can be purchased separately. 
Crystal PM provides toll-free phone support, one year of updates and new releases, and a free trial. To get a personalized quote, click on the Get Pricing button.

Crystal Practice Management Software Integrations

Crystal Practice Management Software is integrated with the following third-party software:

  • Schedule Your Exam
  • 4PatientCare
  • ABBAnalyze
  • ABBOpticalGroup
  • ABBVerify
  • Abyde
  • ApexEDI
  • BillFlash
  • CLX
  • Demandforce
  • DoctorConnect
  • eyecarePRIME
  • M2M
  • Optify
  • PatientCommunicator

Crystal PM is integrated with the following machines and medical equipment:

  • Essilor
  • Huvitz
  • Marco
  • Reichart
  • Tomey
  • Topcon
  • Visionix
  • Zeiss
  • Canon

How does Crystal Practice Management Software work?

Here’s how you can access Crystal Practice Management Software:

  • Choose a subscription plan. Install Crystal PM
  • Insert your credentials in the designated slots and sign up
  • Navigate to the Dashboards page and click the "+ Create Dashboard" button
  • Select the metrics you want to display in your Activity Dashboard
  • Add filters to narrow the data that is shown on the Activity Dashboard or share it with other medical departments. Customize the software as per your needs
  • Utilize the Billing Module and coding features to streamline financial functions and operations
  • Keep analyzing the changes to optimize your practice’s efficiency.z
  • If you wish to get a quick teaser of the software, you can request a free demo.

Click on the Watch Demo button to learn more about the functionality of the software.

Who Is Crystal Practice Management Software For?

Crystal Practice Management Software is a practice management solution that has been designed for small and mid-sized businesses and healthcare facilities, especially the optometric department. 

Crystal Practice Management Software Features

Crystal PM has various features that assist in its efficient functionality. These features are as follows:

  • Custom Records
    Crystal PM has a Records Module that is supplemented with advanced record editing tools. These tools help create and customize medical records. In addition to this, record template resources also enable the medical officers working in optometry to create customized letter form templates and medical reports for an efficient and flawless digital upload or printout. 
  • SOAP Notes
    Crystal EMR has SOAP notes that help record a detailed history of a patient during an examination. SOAP is an acronym for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan. This feature helps ophthalmologists and opticians give a proper and detailed diagnosis. 
  • E-Prescribing
    Crystal PM helps opticians and ophthalmologists send an electronically generated, accurate, and error-free prescription letter to a pharmacy. This improves patient care.
  • Claims Reporting
    Crystal Medical offers the feature of claim reporting to their patients. This helps them submit a claim to the insurance company. The insurance company, in turn, follows up on the clearance of bills. 
  • Room Scheduling
    Crystal EHR offers room scheduling services that assist patients in scheduling their visits by completing online patient intake forms. This helps reduce the wait times at the eye clinic. 
  • Online Patient/Health Forms
    Crystal PM allows healthcare practitioners to take in patient information through online forms.

Is Crystal Practice Management Software Right For You?

If you are looking for an electronic medical record system that offers an inventory management facility for optometry offices, Crystal PM can prove to be the right option. It allows opticians to compare the frame's purchase price against the sales price, trace lab orders, and track frame stock records. 
Furthermore, Crystal PM offers excellent customer support services. Upon calling the support team, the facilitator sends a technician who remotely logs in and fixes any issue directly. 

Still not sure if Crystal PM is right for you? Get in touch with our customer support team, who will help you make the best decision.

Crystal Practice Management Software Pricing Plans

Pricing may differ depending on your organization's type and needs. Please click the Get Pricing button below for a customized pricing guide.


  • Easily customizable for electronic medical records
  • No cost for machine integration
  • Offers preset templates
  • Over-the-counter customer support


  • The billing solution could be a little confusing
  • There is no option for printing out a comprehensive exam summary
  • Setting up an examination record template could be time-consuming
  • The system might glitch at times

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does Crystal Practice Management Software cost?

Crystal PM charges $4995 as a one-time cost upon purchase. The In Office version costs $9995.00. For Hosted Cloud version and additional services, the client needs to pay an extra setup fee.

Is Crystal Software cloud-based?

Yes, Crystal Software is cloud-based.

What are the main features of Crystal Practice Management?

The main features of Crystal PM include SOAP notes, e-prescribing, claims reporting, room scheduling, custom records, online forms, etc.

What level of support does Crystal Software have?

Crystal Software offers support via the online forum, chat on the message board, training videos, and phone. A typical support call prompts the technician to log in remotely and fix any issues directly.

Who are the main users of Crystal Practice Management Software?

The main users of Crystal PM include vision therapists, opticians, and ophthalmologists. Any healthcare facility, however, could implement the system.

Crystal Practice Management Software reviews

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