Crystal Practice Management Software

Crystal Practice Management software is a cloud-based medical practice management system for small and medium-sized practices. For optometric offices, the solution can also be installed locally. Electronic medical records, billing, patient scheduling, radiological information systems, and accounting software are included in one package. E-prescribing, SOAP notes, claims reporting, room scheduling, and other features are also available. 

Crystal Practice Management helps practitioners manage their inventory by allowing them to track lab orders, keep track of how many frames they have in stock, and compare their buy price to the sale price. In addition, the inventory in the system is automatically updated when a frame is added to an invoice and purchased. 

Through search tools, color-coded appointments, multi-doctor scheduling, and daily or monthly views in the calendar, Crystal Practice Management aids inpatient and staff scheduling. Medical clinics can also use online forms to collect patient information.  

Crystal Practice Management Software Features:

Patients and physicians can use the app to schedule appointments, which is color-coded for ease of use. In addition, it offers a layering option for appointments, allowing them to be seen by day, week, or month. Staff may now not only create timetables but also print and distribute them with physicians and patients. 

The software also allows patients to engage with doctors' calendars in real-time, giving them more influence over scheduling appointments with their chosen providers. Prescribers can also use a free e-prescribing component to deliver error-free and comprehensible prescriptions straight to the pharmacy. 

Crystal Practice Management Software offers the following features: 

  • Online patient Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Recall Tracking
  • Patient Records Management
  • Insurance Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Staff Scheduling
  • On-call Scheduling
  • Multi-resource Scheduling
  • Location Scheduling
  • Centralize Scheduling
  • Access Control & Audit trail
  • Inventory Dashboard
  • Patient Billing History
  • Insurance Information Details
  • Scheduling Queues
  • Patient Record
  • Copay Collection
  • Invoice
  • Copayments
  • Insurance Eligibility Verification
  • EHR Integration packages
  • Account Manager

Crystal Practice Management Software Pricing: The one-time purchase for Crystal Practice Management starts at $4995.00 per user. There is no free version available. A free trial of Crystal Practice Management is available. 

Crystal Practice Management Software Reviews: According to crystal practice management software reviews, the system offers a set of benefits and drawbacks. Let's take a look at its pros and cons: 


  • The calendar feature allows doctors and practitioners to go through their notes and understand how their patients are doing.
  • The layout is extremely user-friendly and allows doctors to remain concise and accurate.
  • Doctors can easily input their patient information, prescriptions, billing, etc., in no time.


  • The layout of the billing portion of the software is a little confusing, due to which doctors tend to make errors.
  • The system sometimes has issues due to which it freezes and crashes. Due to this, the doctors often end up losing their work and are unable to retrieve it.

Crystal Practice Management Software Support: Training videos, an online forum, and phone support are all available. A typical support call is a professional remotely logging into the system and directly resolving any issues.

Crystal Practice Management Software reviews

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