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Cyfluent has made some major contributions in the medical industry, one of which being Cyfluent’s CyCHART software electronic health records (EHR) which is a cloud-based software specially designed to cater to ambulatory practices. It is a Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified EHR. CyCHART software focuses not only on general practices but a number of specialties including ophthalmology, pulmonology, cardiology, podiatry, and many more. It comes with a number of features to aid practitioners such as prescription management, chronic disease management, interoperable encounter documentation, computerized physician order entry (CPOE), notes, structured and unstructured medical notes, and clinical flowcharts.

ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certified for ambulatory care practices CyCHART software offers a user-friendly interface including features like drag and drop and patient charting. CyCHART software features allow users to access their patient’s important data. Patient information can also be digitally gathered during the appointment. A health risk assessment could also be created automatically by CyCHART users for insurance companies to review probable risks.

CyCHART uses smart technology that enables users to use and customize templates; these templates can construct paragraphs and sentences based on the user’s input entries and selections. Practitioners can easily access patient data, e-orders, and prescriptions from inside the encounter. Through CySCRIPT eRX CyCHART helps improve the patient experience as I allow patients to receive automated checks for dosing alerts, drug contradictions, and generics.

CyCHART Software Pricing: The software is available on a monthly subscription basis. Users can request a price quote by clicking the ‘Get Pricing’ Button.

Support: CyCHART software offers online support.

CyCHART USP: Patients can access their health records using modules, as well as clearinghouse capabilities and practice management.

CyCHART Advantages: Cyfluent's EHR is very useful and user friendly. Helps practitioners to meet their requirements and achieve set goals and objectives. It also offers patients a better experience and convenience during their medical checkups.

CyCHART Limitations: Due to a lot of modules being worked on simultaneously it gets confusing to know which module you are working on at a present time.

CyCHART EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews




2-10 employees

February 2020


The system is cloud-based which helps in remote access.

Has the option of working on more than one record hence sometimes gets confusing.



11-50 employees

May 2017

Super powerful

Cychart has so many options and it is easy to use. The system is pretty robust. It has all the functionalities and features that we require. It also tracks our work and how we’re doing and if we’re meeting our quality measures.

An organization is able to create alternatives in the workflow which end up leading to a lot of confusion.

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