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DeepScribe is the world’s leading transcription software. It saves clinicians more than three hours per day by automatically scribing patient-physician communication. Trusted against thousands of encounter scenarios, it perfectly scribes all patient encounters by summarizing them. 

This solution is compatible with telemedicine too. It seamlessly integrates with leading care platforms like AthenaHealth, Elation and Practice Fusion, adding value to patient experience. The cutting-edge speech recognition capability of DeepScribe takes the lead on comprehensive documentation and data integration with EHR solutions.  

DeepScribe Features 

Security Protocols 

DeepScribe software stands out in the market with its first-grade security protocols. It is HIPAA compliant and keeps secure yet auditable records. It also holds a multi-factor authentication capability which adds another layer of security to patient records.  

Moreover, it de-identifies patient data to securely share data without compromising its confidentiality. It encompasses solid permission-setting services that are even customizable. The security protocols also include end-to-end data encryption with integrated EHR systems.  

Speech Recognition 

This intuitive solution follows machine learning and AI processing instead of traditional transcribing. This service by DeepScribe effortlessly works during telemedicine visits. Users no longer have to worry about having patient records prone to errors. 

It accurately summarizes patients’ visits saving doctors from the hassle of recalling case details. In addition, providers don't need to manually input data, saving valuable time. All in all, healthcare professionals have to spend less time documenting notes and they can focus more on the patients. 

Virtual Scribe 

As DeepScribe is a digitized scribing solution, it improves clinical effectiveness without costing a dime. Care providers don’t need professional scribes to jot down all encounter details. DeepScribe reduces burnouts effortlessly so, clinicians can depend on it for flawlessly managing scribes. Above all, this solution is easy to use and doesn’t require hard training which also reduces clinical expenditure. 

DeepScribe Pricing 

The cost plans of DeepScribe have yet to be disclosed publicly. However, you can request the pricing plans by clicking the “Get Pricing” button above.  

DeepScribe Demo 

You can either go for the recorded demo of DeepScribe or request a customized one. The demonstration tutorial by DeepScribe cost nothing but is highly captivating and informative. Click on the “Watch Demo” button above for a visual walkthrough of the software. 

DeepScribe Reviews 

DeepScribe has commendable reviews. Clinicians adore this innovative scribing solution quite a lot. They claim that they can blindly trust this vendor when it comes to documenting patient visits. As per the reviews, everything about DeepScribe, from its workflow to the onboarding team and patient charts, is perfect. Clients refer to DeepScribe medical solution as a life-saver. It improves revenue, saving time so doctors can look after more patients per day.  

Our Thoughts 

DeepScribe is a phenomenal software that offers tech-savvy services for a low cost. In no time, this industry-leading platform transforms clinical practices. Unburdening physicians from tedious data-entry tasks is the central aim of DeepScribe. Thus, clients wholeheartedly rely on it to enhance their clinical productivity. Moreover, its unprecedented accuracy makes it the first choice of users when it comes to voice transcription. 

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