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Deputy EHR software is a cloud-based software system that has been designed to cater to various industries of all sizes. The software is an effective solution to manage the workforce of the business. Employees could be scheduled and the software provides supply capabilities. The software manages the daily workflow and automates tasks for different businesses in order to increase efficiency. The software could be used in different industries such as government agencies, restaurants, retail stores, nonprofit organizations, and education, etc.

Deputy EMR software eliminates the hassle of working manually and checking all the customer records and daily workload the software automates the process. The software provides a complete solution for an automated work environment. Deputy comes with a good level of integration with different payroll systems and it also includes a practice management system. The managers could send requests for a vacant shit to the available workforce in case if any of the employees cancel their shift.

Pricing: Deputy EHR software costs $2.50/month minimum. In total four pricing plans are offered by Deputy.

USP: The software is a cloud-based software that is compatible with iOS and Android both. Hence it could be used remotely using any mobile device.

Support: Support is offered via email, employee guides, and phone.

Product Advantages: According to deputy EHR software reviews the software consists of features such as templates, dashboards, and workload delegation that ease the work for users and help them complete tasks efficiently.

Product Limitations: The software cannot sync with Google calendar.

Deputy EHR Software reviews

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