DOCISS EMR is an all-inclusive, cloud-based EMR platform that helps busy medical practices manage patient records, appointments, billing, and more. From charting to e-prescribing, DOCISS EMR provides the tools you need to improve patient care while reducing costs. This medical software also includes robust features for streamlining clinical workflows. 

DOCISS EMR document management module makes it easy to track and manage critical health records. With this feature, you can attach images and documents to patient records and print, email, or export electronic consultations and prescriptions. The software’s dashboard provides quick access to a patient’s demographics, appointments, medical records, and billing information. This EMR system also offers mobile access through an iOS or Android app, which makes it easy to check patient records, schedule appointments, and more while on the go. 

Key Features

Patient Records Management 

The Patient Records Management feature allows users to securely store and manage patient records. This EMR software offers various tools for managing records, such as search and filter functions, permissions-based access, and auditing. This feature is beneficial for healthcare organizations that need to store and manage patient health records securely. 

Inventory Management

The inventory management feature of DOCISS software helps users track and manage inventory levels and create and manage orders. Plus, it's easy to use and manage, so you can save time and stay organized. 


The E-Prescribing feature allows healthcare providers to prescribe medications to patients electronically. This can help to improve patient safety and quality of care by reducing medication errors, improving communication between providers and patients, and providing patients with easy access to their prescription information. 

Medical Billing  

The DOCISS EMR software also includes a medical billing feature that helps users manage and track billing information. This can help ensure that patients are billed correctly and on time. Additionally, this feature can help keep track of payments made by patients as well as insurance companies. 

DOCISS EMR Software Pricing 

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DOCISS EMR Software Demo 

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DOCISS EMR Software Reviews 

DOCISS has generally received positive reviews from users. Reviewers have praised the software for its ease of use, robust features, and excellent customer support. Many users liked DOCISS EMR for its clinic management features, patient records management, medical billing, and e-prescribing capabilities. You can read more reviews about this EMR software in our Reviews Section. 

Our Thoughts  

Overall, we think that DOCISS EMR software is a great choice for busy medical practices that need a comprehensive, cloud-based EMR system in healthcare. The software’s capabilities can be tailored to each medical practice, making it a flexible and scalable solution. Additionally, it includes several features specifically designed to improve clinical workflows and patient care. 

Today's most popular FAQs

Does DOCISS EMR offer a free trial?

The software does not offer a free trial.

What is the implementation process of the DOCISS EMR software?

The technology can be used in multi-doctor offices and generates accounting reports. With their own usernames and passwords, doctors can access the same database of patients. A single system can control multiple clinics.

Which operating systems does DOCISS EMR software support?

The software is compatible with mobile apps and works with Windows and Linux. Android phones, iPads, and iPhones are all included.


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