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Doctible is a robust patient communication platform designed to help healthcare providers grow their practice and improve patient experience. The digital platform allows practitioners to communicate with their patients via a website, built-in messenger, and text messages. It is suitable for a variety of clinical specialties, including optometry, chiropractic, family medicine, and physical therapy practices.

The application offers end-to-end solutions to help practices reduce no-shows and retain patients. It includes features, such as a performance dashboard, review auto-responses, practice management, review booster technology, appointment scheduling, and third-party integrations. Providers can easily use the system to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments at any time.

Additionally, Doctible software comes with a virtual waiting room that screens patients and ensures a contactless check-in process. It supports email campaigns, digital intake forms, and reputation management. Clinicians can also connect the system with multiple third-party practice management and EHR systems to enhance workflow efficiency.

Key Features

Appointment Scheduling

The patient engagement platform is built to automate the entire appointment scheduling process. It features advanced scheduling tools that help practices reduce manual data entry, send automated reminders, and save time. Patients can also use these tools to view physician schedules and book a slot of their choice. 

Patient Communicator

Doctible Customer Service Solution includes a patient communicator that reduces phone calls and allows practice staff to easily communicate with their patients through texting. It lets practices ensure a seamless experience for their staff and patients by using their preferred communication method.

Reputation Management

The app offers a variety of patient feedback tools that monitor patient satisfaction metrics and trends. Its Review Generator technology also helps practices manage their online presence by generating reviews on Facebook and Google.

Doctible Pricing

Doctible software is available on monthly or annual subscriptions. However, the exact details for the available cost plans have not been disclosed publicly by the vendor.
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Doctible Demo

Click on the ‘Watch Demo’ button above to book a live demonstration of the app’s core features and capabilities. The comprehensive Doctible demo will give you a visual tour of the app’s basic offerings and demonstrate how it will be the right fit for your healthcare facility. 

Doctible Reviews

Doctible patient communication platform has received positive ratings across most accredited sites. Its ease of use, comprehensive suite of appointment scheduling tools, and responsive customer support impressed subscribers.
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Our Thoughts

Doctible software is a feature-rich patient engagement and reputation management solution that helps practices optimize appointment scheduling, minimize workflow disruptions, and design tailor-fit campaigns to retain patients. All in all, the software boasts an overall satisfied consumer base, but we recommend you opt for the app’s demo version before making the formal purchase.

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