DoctorConnect Patient Engagement Software

A subsidiary of Adtel International, DoctorConnect is a patient engagement and appointment reminder solution designed to help physicians improve and automate the way they communicate with their patients.

The platform seamlessly integrates within a practice’s already existing practice management and EHR systems. DoctorConnect helps practices improve their operational capabilities through features, such as appointment reminders, patient surveys, patient retention management, scheduling software, waiting list management, patient messaging, no-show management, and a streamlined user dashboard.

DoctorConnect patient engagement solution can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of professionals from different healthcare specialties, including Chiropractic, Medical, Optical, Dental, Veterinary, and Non-medical fields. This solution enables healthcare providers to manage their daily operations and interactions with patients.

Users can send custom messages to groups and individual patients who meet a specific criterion. With DoctorConnect, users are able to schedule appointments easily using the software’s appointment calendar. Moreover, there is a dashboard designed to help users view and respond to incoming messages, filter patients by doctor or location, and manually confirm appointments.

The software comes with a patient management tool that is designed to input a patient’s preferred communication type, enabling users to send messages in multiple languages via email, phone, or text.

DoctorConnect EHR Pricing: The pricing plan for the software starts at $99 per month. 

DoctorConnect EHR Support: It offers support via phone, email, live chat, and FAQs.

DoctorConnect EHR Pros: The software allows users to send mass notifications to a patient when a provider needs to reschedule for the day, eliminating the need to call patients individually. Their support staff is highly professional and responsive. The software significantly reduces no-shows and offers excellent communication features.

DoctorConnect EHR Cons: Its "Waitlist" feature is a bit difficult to use. There are limited customization options available for users. New learners might find it hard to learn some of their features. Besides, DoctorConnect sometimes slows down a bit.

DoctorConnect Patient Engagement Software reviews

Overall Rating

6 Reviews





February 2020

I love it

Great scheduling module with overall easy navigation.

The software lags sometimes.


Bryn Mawr Skin & Cancer Institute

51-200 employees

May 2019

Support is outstanding!

With the help of this software it is so easy to send out appointment reminders. The support team of DoctorConnect is outstanding. They are always there to help us and are extremely friendly. The support team helped us customize our Survey emails. We haven’t seen any technical glitches since we started using DoctorConnect back in the early 2016.

There are a few predictable problems on the one-way interface, but it is not a major issue to worry about.


Eastern Healing Solutions

2-10 employees

August 2018


We use this software mainly for scheduling. It does the reminder call itself, which saves a lot of our time. The support team of DoctorConnect is really amazing, they train you completely and always help you whenever you’re in need of their help. With this system, communication between patient and staff has become a lot more easy and trouble free. Plus, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

I would like them to add a print functionality, so that we are able to print the schedule on a daily basis. Also, there is no way to edit an appointment, if we make a mistake or just have to make changes to the appointment, we have to delete it completely and start over. It would be great if they add an edit feature for appointments as well. The interface is not pleasing at all.


Denver Endo Center


April 2018

Love it!

This product was exactly what we have been looking for. Since day one it has been so amazing that we love it. It is so easy to use this system. The training was great, and now we can easily train other employees as well.

There is a flaw that we noticed in the system and it is that we are unable to change the phone number in real time. Neither can we reset it nor change it. If they add this function to the system, everything will be great about this product.


Associated Urological Specialists, LLC

51-200 employees

April 2018

Love this software!

The emergency blasts of this product are really great, I’ve used it and then mentioning about it. It is amazing. The support team is very user-friendly. The representative assigned to us “Rozell” is outstanding. A lot of time is being saved by our staff, that was utilized making individual calls to a large volume of patients daily. Time is now being used in keeping things organized and working hard to provide better patient care.

We haven’t faced any cons of this product yet. Any minor issues that we faced during the implementation process and learning were quickly resolved for us. Highly impressed by the team.


Family Medical


May 2017

Fast and Affordable.

The product is great, it is affordable, so anyone can get it. The product itself is very efficient, and fast. You can easily get the tasks done by it. The customer support team is extremely friendly, they are the best. The sales representative that I communicate with is wonderful, the way she trained us, benefitted us a lot.

There isn’t anything major, just that if they could provide support on Sundays as well. Although, the issue was resolved first thing on Monday morning.

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