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Dovetail is a cloud-based dental practice management and electronic health record (EHR) solution. The software is intended to assist dental practices in improving patient care, decreasing paperwork, and saving time and money. Dovetail provides an ONC-certified and HIPAA-compliant mobile EHR web application. 

Dovetail EMR distinguishes itself from other dental software solutions by allowing dentists to manage multiple locations from a single central dashboard, an employee portal for communication and task management, advanced reporting and analytics tools, and collaboration features that allow dentists to easily share patient information with other healthcare providers. 

Key Features 

Employee Portal 

The software employee portal is an excellent tool for managing employee information. This feature makes it simple for dentists to view and update employee contact information, employment history, and job skills. Dental practices can also use the employee portal to create and manage employee shift schedules. Dental practices can save time and improve communication with their employees by viewing and updating employee information in one central location. 

Reporting & Analytics 

Users can generate reports and visualize data in Dovetail's Reporting & Analytics feature to gain insights into their business. This feature is critical for anyone who wants to keep track of their medical performance and make informed decisions about their dental practice. Custom reports and dashboards can be created by users to track patient volume, appointment bookings, and treatment outcomes. Users can also export data from the reporting and analytics feature into other formats, such as Word, Excel, and PDF, for further analysis. 

Collaboration Tools 

Dovetail EHR Software provides collaboration tools to help dentists collaborate more effectively. The software provides a shared workspace where dentists can view and edit patient files at the same time. The workspace includes a chat function, allowing dentists to communicate in real time. Collaboration tools also enable dentists to share documents, images, and other files. This allows dentists to easily collaborate on treatment plans and ensure that all patients receive the best care possible. 

Dovetail Pricing 

The software starts at $8 and has several pricing options. For more information on the Dovetail EHR pricing plans, click the "Get Pricing" button. 

Dovetail Demo 

To see how Dovetail can benefit your dental practice, request and schedule a free software demo. To begin, simply click the "Watch Demo" button. The software also provides a free trial period. 

Dovetail Reviews 

The software has received a positive online rating, with users praising its user-friendly interface and efficient features. Many users also value Dovetails' customer service team. Customers have had a generally positive experience with this software for their dental practices. Our Reviews Section contains additional Dovetail Dental Software Reviews

Our Thoughts 

Overall, Dovetail Software has a number of useful features that can help dental practices improve their efficiency and performance. Dentists can easily manage and track their business with the software's central dashboard, employee portal, reporting and analytics tools, and collaboration tools. 

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