DOX Podiatry EMR Software

DOX Podiatrist is a web-based health information technology solution that includes everything a podiatry office needs. It was created to increase the efficiency of podiatry offices by improving and simplifying the process and allowing employees more time to focus on patient care.

This health information technology system is integrated into a sophisticated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software that is user-friendly and can be learned in only a few days. It helps practitioners automate and speed up the patient charting process. For example, a physician may quickly and efficiently diagnose all patients using the simple DOX graphical user interface. The data obtained from the patients are then recorded in real-time, removing the need for handwritten notes entirely. This is accomplished using dictation and other less time-consuming data input methods.

DOX Podiatry's real-time data collection also includes medical billing. As a result, DOX Podiatry can extract CPT and IDC billing codes from EMR-saved patient medical information. This decreases the time required for human data entry while also lowering the number of mistakes associated with such operations.  

This EMR system is wholly integrated, and all of its modules operate in unison to help medical offices collect vital patient data, billing information, and other records. there can also access these records from any interconnected system module.  

DOX provides patient appointment scheduling, an easy-to-use patient portal, and software that helps with medical billing and collections for administrative elements of medical practice. DOX Podiatry is also linked with third-party billing platforms like CoveMD, which has HL7 compatibility and provides other interfaces.

This EMR software works in tandem with the existing policies and procedures of medical practices that use it. In summary, DOX created this high-quality software to help improve administrative efficiency, improve physician-patient relationships, and increase income straight out of the box.  

DOX Podiatry EMR Software Demo: If you request a demo of DOX Podiatry EMR Software, then click the "Watch Demo" on the top of the page.

DOX Podiatry EMR Software Pricing: The software has a monthly price plan that starts at $500.00.

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