EMR Software is an Electronic Medical Records system that has been designed to cater to telemedicine practices of all sizes. software is a cloud-based solution that could easily be accessed online remotely. software is equipped with useful features such as client queuing, audio and video calls, live chat, and helps users to review patient history in order to provide better healthcare. helps users to access their clients’ information easily on the go as the solution is compatible with iOS and Android applications for mobile devices. Upcoming appointments and the transition between appointments could be reviewed using software.

The patient queues are updated automatically for doctors by software when the patient checks-in online with the online check-in feature. Sessions could be started by patients easily by clicking on a simple URL that could be set through SMS or via Email. helps practitioners to focus on their core business and not worry about day to day appointment scheduling.

The software includes a live chat feature that enables patients and doctors to remain in contact and have better communication. The list of pending appointments can be visited by doctors; they could also manage the transition between appointments. Pricing: is a software that is free at basic level and comes with two other pricing plans The Professional Plan & The Clinic Plan; they are available at $35 per month with a monthly contract for a single provider, or $29 per month with an annual contract; and at $50 per month, per provider for the first five providers, or $42 per month per provider with an annual contract respectively. USP: features include recording of meeting history, including date of appointment, patient's details, and call duration. Support: Support is offered via email, phone, training, and tickets. Advantages: According to reviews the software provides a multi-provider practice for tele psychiatry, video meetings, client queue management, and texting through a centralized location. Limitations: Does not run on all internet browsers. EMR Software reviews

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