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Dr. First is a HIPAA & EPCS-compliant e-prescription and medical management software that streamlines care coordination, patient safety, and health outcomes. It is specifically designed for small clinics to large hospitals that require an all-in-one solution to medical management complications. It offers secure certifications from myBenefitCheck and DEA. Artificial intelligence features allow you to automate tasks and manage readmission procedures easily. It mitigates coordination gaps and ADEs. Team collaboration features allow you to share, connect, and schedule with prior electronic authorization.  

DrFirst offers drug benefit checks through integrated libraries and prescription renewals with e-prescription dashboards. It improves patient experience 85% through 2-way communication channels, client management, and alerts/notifications features. This SaaS software is compatible with all web-based devices eliminating the need for applications and portals.  

Key Features 

Real-time Care Collaboration 

You can avail of secure 2-way messaging for file sharing with other practitioners, patients, and clients. Dr. First MedHX improves clinical workflows with Backline integration. This provides patient-centered chat, real-time monitoring, and immediate ER solution with backline EMS.  

Medical Adherence Solutions 

It helps you track patient activity for adherence surety, track sales, and manage drug prescriptions. It reduces prescription abandonment and provides auto-scheduling & real-time patient tracking to improve healthcare performance. You can provide end-to-end patient solutions with therapy prescribed by Rcopia® and EPCSGoldSM.  

Medication History & Reconciliation 

It has robust medical history software that has an Intuitive interface for rapid implementation of tasks. Dr. First Medical EHR software offers Smart Sig AI technology that auto-fills reconciliation sheets, reduces clicks by 50%, and mitigates the risks of false entries. It manages Payer and HIE data & CVS Caremark PBMs with Smart Suit.  

Dr. First EHR Software Pricing 

Doctors First Primary Care pricing starts from $799 per user on an annual basis. The pricing plan varies from feature to feature. For more details, simply click on the “Get Pricing” button. 

Dr. First MedHX Software Demo 

The free version of the software is unavailable. It does not provide a free trial of paid features to its users. For a complete demo of the software features, tools, and dashboards, click on the “Watch Demo” button. It offers training through documentation, 24/7 live customer care, and online videos.  

MedHX Dr. First Software Reviews 

Many contented Dr. First EHR users have rated the software well for telehealth, Medical Reconciliation, Price Transparency, and medical Adherence. It manages patient medical history, tests APIs, manages Channels, and reviews Go-Live Process components. You can look for more Dr. First reviews in the Reviews Section.

Our Thoughts 

Dr.First iPrescribe Software is a web-based DEA-Compliant software that provides Diagnose-specific solutions to different healthcare organizations. It has an IT Investments and Clinical Outcomes Calendar that helps you manage your tasks and practice goals. The software provides services for PMS Vendors, HIS, HIT Partners, Specialty Care centers, PBMs, and Emergency Centers. It is a complete software that provides 360-degree solutions for practice management.

Today's most popular FAQs

Does Dr.First Software offer free trial?

No, Dr.First does not offer a free trial.

Is Dr.First Software easy-to-implement?

Yes, Dr,First is an easy—to—implement software.

Who are the main users of Dr.First Software?

Hospitals & Health Systems, Private Practice & Specialty Care, Emergency Medical Services, and Pharmacies & PM are the main users of Dr.First.

Dr. First Software Pricing

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Dr. First Software reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews


Amelia k.

Private Practice

15-30 Employees

November 2022

Amazing medication management solution

As a healthcare practitioner, it is important for me to keep my patients engaged and aware of their treatment plans and their costs. The price transparency tools from DrFirst have proven to be game changers for our healthcare facility. It enables us to maintain transparency in our patient billing and revenue collection processes. We can assist patients in understanding the costs of their treatment and prescriptions, allowing them to be informed and involved in their care at all stages. Furthermore, the software is extremely straightforward and user-friendly, with excellent e-prescribing capabilities. Overall, it is really useful software for our healthcare center.

We have been using Dr. First Software in our medical practice for a long time now, and overall, our experience has been great. Due to its robust features and functionalities, the software is a dream to work with. The only disadvantage of the software we have to deal with is that it is occasionally slow to respond. It takes many clicks to access any functionality. Sometimes the system freezes and requires some time to recover, or we must restart the system. We are working with the tech support staff to remedy the issue, and they have been really helpful thus far. I hope the problem is rectified soon. Aside from this tiny hiccup, we are pleased with the software's performance.

Emma J.

Medical Practice

10-49 Employees

November 2022

One of the best e-prescribing application I ever used

The finest Dr. First software feature on which our practice relies is e-prescribing. E-prescribing enables us to safely communicate prescriptions to patients and pharmacists. The pharmacies get the prescription in real time and swiftly enter it into the system, avoiding complications such as missing prescriptions or difficulties reading the physician's handwriting. Another useful feature is the prescription refill tool, which maintains refill data for up to two years. This is quite useful for drug refills without having to worry about any potential drug allergies.

We've been using Dr. First software for a while now and can certainly claim that it's incredibly dependable, intuitive, and user-friendly. However, the user interface is quite cluttered. The landing page presents a lot of information, which may be rather confusing at times. We frequently see system malfunctions, which make working with the software difficult. The tech support is also ineffective. They are slow to react to our inquiries; it takes them a lot of time to get back to us, which is really aggravating.

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