Dr. Pad Software

What is Dr. Pad Software? 


Dr. Pad is an EMR software designed for medical professionals to handle patient information electronically. It can be used to store patient data, medical histories, diagnoses, lab results, and other healthcare-related information. With Dr. Pad software, you can have a closer look at clinical data and access patient records more efficiently, which allows you to optimize workflow and patient management. 

What is Dr. Pad Software best for? 

Dr. Pad EMR is best known for its medical practice management. It allows practitioners and physicians to manage patient records, clinical notes, patient appointments, and e-prescriptions. Medical practice management reduces the burden on the practice as most of the work and data collection is automated. For example, templates are available for notes, emails, and e-prescriptions. Patients can be informed of their visits and appointments via text and WhatsApp. 

Dr. Pad Pricing 

Dr. Pad offers different subscription plans based on the number of users and features required. Pricing for the tool has not been disclosed publicly.  

However, if you wish to get a custom quote, click on the "Get Pricing" option and one of our sales representatives will help you select an affordable option for your practice. 

How does Dr. Pad Software work? 

You can get started with the software by following these steps: 

  • Create an account by providing your basic information. 
  • Choose a subscription plan that best suits your needs. 
  • Configure your account settings, such as adding your logo and practice information. 
  • Add the basic information of all your clients/patients and attach their photographs. 
  • Using the system's templates and forms, you can then start documenting the patients’ medical histories, diagnoses, treatments, and medications. 
  • Customize the system's templates to suit your practice's specific needs. 
  • If you work with other healthcare practitioners, you can collaborate with them by sharing patient information securely through the system.  
  • Provide your patients with secure access to their medical records and history. You can set up patient access through the system.

Who is Dr. Pad Software for? 

Dr. Pad is a medical practice management software that has been designed for: 

  • Doctors 
  • Clinicians 
  • Nurses 
  • Physicians 

Dr. Pad benefits veterinarians, nonprofit organizations, health clinics, and medical practices. The software is suitable for a variety of healthcare practices, including primary care, specialty care, behavioral health, and physical therapy practices. 

Dr. Pad Features 


Clinicians can schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments with this feature. You can also send appointment reminders to patients by SMS or email. Moreover, you can save appointments on your device’s calendar and the timings of a patient's visit can also be recorded for reference. 

Clinical Notes 

With Dr. Pad, you can create a PDF with a patient's prescriptions and medical notes. You can also send the PDF link to your patients via phone or email as an add-on.  

Pre-Made Templates 

Dr. Pad software offers templates for sending emails, SMS, and even medication, allowing users to automate workflows. Moreover, customizable templates are available in the Paid and Cloud subscriptions. 


Electronic prescriptions can be written and sent directly to patients within the Dr. Pad app. Patients can easily access and print their prescriptions from their mobile devices for convenient filling. 

Is Dr. Pad Software Right for You? 

Dr. Pad is a cloud-based software that offers practice and patient management. The tool eases physicians’ burden by scheduling appointments, tracking patient data, generating electronic prescriptions, and automating customer responses.  

With its customizable plans and a great range of features, it can be a suitable choice for clinicians looking for a user-friendly and efficient EMR. Click on the “Watch Demo” button to see if Dr. Pad is the right fit for you.

Dr. Pad Software Pricing

  • Free
  • Paid
  • Cloud
What’s included
What’s included
(Price varies according to country)
What’s included
(Price varies according to country)
  • Mobile app
  • Social Network login
  • Manage patient visit history
  • Clinical notes
  • Schedule and reschedule appointments
  • Send appointment reminders to patients via text/email
  • Save appointments to device calendar
  • Auto complete medication
  • Add profile picture to your patients and clinic
  • Attach two documents to a patient’s files
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Free plan, plus
  • Attach unlimited documents to a patient’s profile
  • PDF generation (medication and clinical notes)
  • Set up many clinics with one sign-on
  • Prescriptions directly available on the app
  • Templates for email, text, etc.
  • Reuse previous templates
  • Customizable templates for clinical notes, prescriptions, medication, etc.
  • Free future enhancements
  • Paid plan, plus
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Save patient records in a secure and encrypted cloud
  • Add/Remove clinical members
  • Automatic sync
  • Allows sending medication and clinical notes as PDF even via WhatsApp
  • Encrypted backup of clinical data and visit histories

Dr. Pad Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does Dr. Pad Software cost?

No pricing information is available on the official website. If you wish to get a custom quote, click on the ‘Get Pricing’ button.

Is Dr. Pad Software cloud-based?

Yes, Dr. Pad is a cloud-based software.

What are the main features of Dr. Pad Software?

Some of the main features of the software are: Medical Billing, Patient Management, Scheduling and Cancelling Appointments, Existing Templates, Clinical Notes

What level of support does Dr. Pad Software offer?

Dr. Pad offers the following support options: Email, Phone, Chat

Who are the main users of Dr. Pad Software?

The following are the main users of Dr. Pad software: Medical Practices, Health Clinics, Veterinarians, Non-Profit Organizations

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