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DrCloudEHR is mental health, human services, and integrated delivery system appropriate for midsize and oversized organizations.  

DrCloudEHR is 508 compliant and approved for meaningful use (Stage 2). It shows intake, scheduling, bed management, assessments, notes, care plans, e-prescribing, EMAR, billing and AR, outcomes, and more. With standard tools and user-defined forms, processes, and reports, the Golden Thread® tools deliver reminders and notifications.  

Pre-admit documents, chart reviews, signing releases and consents, requesting appointments, and processing credit card payments are all possible through the Consumer Portal. With video conferencing, the Integrated Telehealth function simulates arms-length services. When internet connectivity is absent, the system has the offline capability to access the system and data.  

To bring existing paper or historical electronic data into the cloud, DrCloudEHR offers customized installation and training programs using conversion software. In addition, Microsoft Windows Azure Platform Hosting Services provides DrCloudEHR with encryption and data security for system management and operations.  

DrCloud EHR Software Pricing: The price for the software is not available to vendors. But you ask for a quota.  

DrCloud EHR Software Demo: If you request a demo of DrCloud EHR software, click the "Watch Demo" button at the top of the page. 

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