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eClinicalWorks Software is an award-winning integrated electronic health record and practice management (PM) solution that provides technology throughout patient care delivery. With a growing network of more than 850,000 medical professionals worldwide and 130,000 physicians across the US, it is a leading provider of innovative solutions for different healthcare settings.

Online Patient Portal: The patient portal here keeps patients active in their treatment. In addition, the availability of a patient portal feature alleviates much administrative work for you because patients can utilize the portal to arrange their appointments, eliminating the need for you to do so.

Aside from that, you can communicate with the patient via the patient portal and keep a record of all your interactions with them. Overall, many users mention how fantastic this feature is and its usefulness.

Appointment Management: It is critical to plan your visits carefully to ensure that the required exam room and equipment are available when needed. With this software, you may schedule appointments in the most effective way possible, ensuring that all necessary items are present so that no issues occur. Overall, you'll be able to manage your time better, look for appointments by name, and easily add new patients, among other things. You can view this feature in detail during the free eClinicalWorks demo.

Cloud Server: Having a cloud-based EHR is essentially a requirement in this day and age. This is because you may access the program from any location. eClinicalWorks EMR software is also device agnostic, which means you may access and utilize it on any operating system without any problems. This software's popularity stems from its ease of use.

Integration: Integrating the many software, you use is critical because having one centralized software makes everything easier to manage. At the same time, it software combines any equipment you may need, such as ECG, EEG, and more, into the platform's web browser interface.

The software also works effectively with invoicing and practice management software, allowing you to keep a close check on your entire operation. Many reviews emphasize how valuable this functionality is, particularly in making managing your medical practice easier.

Telehealth: By 2020, several medical offices discovered the value of incorporating a telehealth function into their medical EHR software. But unfortunately, many practices suffered losses due to patients' reluctance to visit their practices and clinics due to COVID-19.

However, ecw eClinicalWorks software includes a fantastic telehealth solution for users. This tool allows you to communicate with and treat patients at a distance. According to several reviews from this year, e Clinical EMR software feature alone is worth the pricing.

Revenue Cycle Management: Lastly, the revenue cycle management feature of this software is worth it according to numerous online users. The feature analyses your financial status and actively assists you in improving it. For example, the software validates patient eligibility from the start, allowing you to reduce the number of defaulters in your practice.

Aside from that, the software keeps track of payments that are due, consolidates patient debt, and creates payment plans for them so that they may pay back their outstanding amount more quickly. Overall, a revenue cycle management component is critical.

Significant Benefits of eClinicalWorks Software

The company provides cloud-based EHR Software and on-premise solutions to urgent care facilities, ambulatory practices, hospitals, ACOs, and 50+ specialties. The vendor offers a free data transfer/conversion policy to support the transition from legacy EHR system to eClinicalWorks EHR software solution. In addition, it provides on-site training and initial implementation services for 1-9 physician practices at no additional charges. Besides, it includes an RCM solution priced reasonably at 20% of monthly collected payments with no other start-up costs.

eClinical EMR V11, the latest software update, guarantees advanced patient safety and physicians’ access to Eva, a virtual assistant designed to help physicians compare progress notes and recall patient histories. It also supports interoperability and credit card payment with a card on file to improve care coordination. In addition, users can access the EHR system for PC and MAC using a web browser on an iPad or smartphone.

The platform is additionally one of the first EHR vendors to deploy an opioid abuse service to help physicians estimate patient risk and recommend alternative medications. The software aims to help healthcare providers adjust to treatment protocols to prevent opioid abuse and ensure safety in prescribing controlled substances.

How Much Does eClinicalWorks Cost?

If we talk about cost, the software is deemed good value for money. Overall, Each month, eClinicalWorks EHR costs $499 per provider. In addition, the revenue cycle management system costs 20% of the collected payments.

You can get a specific quote for your practice by clicking “Get Pricing” above.

CEHRT: 2015.

Free Trial: Yes.

Support: It offers support via live customer support representatives available round the clock.

Awards: eClinicalWorks has won 2 “Best in KLAS” awards, and over 19 of its customers have received the prestigious HIMSS Davies Award for excellence in implementing Electronic Health Records.

eClinicalWorks Reviews:

Many real-time users' experience with the software is mentioned below.


  • The company has nine data centers strategically on the eClinical software Grid cloud to ensure instant access to user information.
  • Patient Engagement App, Healow, supports integration with popular wearables and other fitness apps, allowing users to seamlessly transfer data from these devices to a patient’s health record within Healow.
  • Their practice management system offers an inbuilt e-fax server with no additional cost.


  • The company was involved in a false claim act lawsuit in 2017 and had to settle with the DOJ for it. It now conducts regular independent software quality reviews for the next five years and submits the recommendations and details to the government.

Read reviews to see what other people say about this software. Also, tap on getting Pricing option at the top of the page to learn how much this software costs. Even though the pricing is already mentioned, it varies according to your chosen features. You can also request a free eClinicalWorks demo to see how the software works in real-time. Simply tap on Watch Demo at the top of the page.

eClinicalWorks EMR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

Can eClinicalWorks telemedicine solution be used with any EHR system?

Yes, eClinicalWorks healow telemedicine solution works perfectly alongside any EHR system.

Does eClinicalWorks support e-Prescribing? If yes, is there an additional cost to it?

Yes, eClinicalWorks supports e-Prescribing, and there is no additional cost. The cost is included in the per provider monthly fee.

For which type of data does eClinicalWorks offer data conversion?

eClinicalWorks offers data conversion for demographic data, metadata, and clinical data.

Is eClinicalWorks certified?

Yes, eClinicalWorks is 2015 CEHRT.

Is eClinicalWorks specialty-specific?

Yes. eClinicalWorks EHR includes features and templates customized for more than 50 specialties.

Is eCW compatible with MAC?

eClinicalWorks 11 and 11e are now compatible with Mac

Is there a minimum amount of training required by eClinicalWorks?

Yes, to fully benefit from the training, it is important to complete the minimum amount of training required.

-          Provider: 12 - 16 hours

-          Billers: 12 hours

-          Front office: 8 hours

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eClinicalWorks EMR Software reviews

Overall Rating

146 Reviews


Jack J. Zak

Head Nurse

Employees: 100-499

December 2022

eClinicalWorks works great for u

eClinicalWorks is an excellent EHR, particularly for clinics. As the name implies, its downloadable software facilitates the documentation of patient charts, the addition of labs or drugs, and other aspects of electronic health records. What I enjoy most about eClinicalworks is the variety of tools that enable me to do any task in a healthcare practice. It enables me to create claims, payments, schedule and refund patients, manage patient accounts, generate administrative reports, and handle patient documentation. Furthermore, you can collaborate with other staff and medical professionals using "jellybean" services such as faxes, phone encounters, and messaging.

This EHR has some issues navigating through the various options within a patient chart as well as throughout the EHR. Some unpleasant user interfaces can be perplexing and, at times, extremely unstable. One of the most recent updates I received while using eClinicalWorks was perhaps my least favorite aspect of the product.


Medical lab


October 2022

Has potential

The implementation staff of eClinicalworks is knowledgeable and skillful to set up the system according to one practice's requirements.

Currently, I haven't noticed anything in the system that I could mention as a con. It's working fine for me.


New horizons healthcare


September 2022

User for 13 years and more

The training videos for eClinical software are very comprehensive and informative.

While creating a new patient profile, it forces the user to put information into the subscriber section that is a hassle.


Healthy living


August 2021

My clients are happy with the service

The patient portal system provides a real-time experience. It runs quickly, offers healthy discussion on care plans thus eliminating the need to visit the clinic.

The navigation of the software could be better.


Mega Med


August 2021

Piece of cake

One of the easiest EMR in the health industry. Include nice features like prescribing, progress notes, diagnosis, treatment, and revenue management.

The fax facility requires to be more efficient.


Turf medical


July 2021

Great platform

The doctor-patient interaction is constructive. Moreover, the doctor can view the information simultaneously to strive for a better care plan.

The latest updates have removed a number of functionalities, which is frustrating.


Great falls clinic, LLP


June 2021

More than you expect

It is user friendly, efficient and a complete EMR for any health practitioner to utilize.



Summit medical group


June 2021

Waste of money

It works well for submitting the invoices.

When the sever is relocated it causes the loss of data, which is awful.


Highland county heath department


June 2021

Brilliant software

The software is compatible with external software. Also, delivers what it has promised.

Nothing to write about here at the moment.


Medical center navicent health


June 2021

Horrible service

It is a good product and helps the practitioner achieve a lot in his medical practice.

The sales representative staff requires to have better language skills.

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