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TenEleven's Electronic Clinical Record (eCR) is an enterprise-grade electronic health record (EHR) software designed to assist behavioral health practices with reporting, scheduling, and e-prescription services. The Meaningful Use-compliant application allows users to streamline patient scheduling by monitoring provider schedules and booking requests in real time. It has a billing module, electronic prescribing, performance dashboards, automatic alerts, revenue cycle management, medication administration records (MAR), and other features.

TenEleven EHR is available in both cloud and on-premise deployment models. The app includes a robust billing module that enables users to process bills and receive prompt reimbursement. The built-in alert management system allows practice staff to send automated reminders to patients for missed appointments, overdue payments, check-ins, and other clinical requirements. Furthermore, it provides full end-to-end e-prescribing solutions that allow users to record medication history, pharmacy requirements, and allergies. Healthcare professionals can also use this feature to keep track of how, when, and how much to give prescription medications.

Key products and services

Prescribing Electronically

TenEleven EHR software includes a powerful e-prescribing module that is integrated directly into the electronic Clinical Record (eCR) system. It makes it simple for clinicians to fill medication orders, including those for controlled substances. Also, the app collects all relevant information, such as a person's medication history, information about their pharmacy, allergies, information about their doctor, an adherence scorecard, and more.

Dashboards for Performance

This electronic health record software includes a number of powerful dashboards that assist behavioral health practices in making informed decisions. The vendor gives users powerful analytical insights that let them measure how well their organization does in clinical, administrative, and financial areas.

Medication Administration Records (MAR)

TenEleven's Medication Administration Record (MAR) functionality allows clinicians to track and monitor medication dispensing. The electronic Clinical Record system works with the electronic prescribing functions to add frequency, dosage, and special dispensing instructions to the Medication Administration Record (MAR).

TenEleven Software Pricing

The vendor has not made the details of TenEleven Healthcare's subscription plans public. However, user reviews indicate that TenEleven Software's pricing structure is based on the standard subscription-based model. TenEleven can provide you with a custom quote for your healthcare company.

TenEleven Demo

The comprehensive TenEleven demo will provide you with a quick visual walkthrough of the product's functionalities and show you how easy it is to use.

TenEleven Reviews

TenEleven EMR has received positive feedback from users. People often praise this program for its powerful e-prescribing tools, easy-to-use interface, and large number of features for managing the revenue cycle.

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Our Thoughts

TenEleven Software is an easy-to-use electronic health records solution that allows users to prescribe medications more easily and improve patient safety. The application has end-to-end solutions and could be a good fit for practices that want to improve revenue cycle performance and streamline administrative processes. 

We suggest using the software demo to find out if the product meets the needs of your practice.

Today's most popular FAQs

Does TenEleven Software offer an API?

No, TenEleven does not offer an API available.

Does TenEleven support mobile devices?

TenEleven supports the following devices:

IPhone, iPad, and Android.

What Languages does TenEleven Software Support?

TenEleven supports the following languages:


What level of support does TenEleven offer?

TenEleven offers the following support options: 

Email/Help Desk, Chat, Phone Support, and 24/7 (Live rep).

Who are the typical users of TenEleven Software?

Mental and behavioral health practices are typical users of TenEleven Software.

TenEleven Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

TenEleven Software reviews

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